Wells Audio Dragon Level 2+

For sale is a custom Wells Audio Dragon Level II.

I’m selling this wonderful amp to fund the down-payment for my first house.

I discovered Wells Audio at CanJam SoCal 2021 where I heard a Dragon Level I and was immediately blown away by the vastness of the sound reproduced on my VO. What’s also impressive is it’s detail retrieval, euphony and ability to deliver subterranean low frequencies aplomb. I’m not alone in this opinion. Owners of an HE-6 4-screw and HE-6 6-screw auditioned their headphones on a Dragon Level I and were impressed by the subbass.

This unit is the Level II upgrade with Bybee AC noise filters, upgraded 17v power supply, and power increase to 1 amp of current.

Finally, select Level III upgrades come installed in this unit. These include the Khozmo Opto Sensor attenuator, upgrade Rike copper caps, and Mundorf caps in tube gain stage filter caps. The attenuator ensures perfect channel balance, down to the lowest volume level. The two aforementioned upgrade caps add a richness to the sound and better detail retrieval than stock Level II. These were recently installed by Wells Audio and all upgrades may be verified by them as well.

Included are the stock 12BH7A tubes and stock power cable.


PayPal fees and insured shipping within the ConUS included. DH Labs Power Plus also available for +$200.

Please PM if interested.