What was one of the first concert you attended!?

We need a new BADGE. First OOPS!


Lucky you are indeed. Not only did your brothers bought you albums, they made eclectic choice in genres that allowed you to test your tastes. That’s the reason I liked receiving albums as a teen. I knew very well that if I had chosen them myself they would likely all be similar or at least something I already knew. Getting them as gifts allows one to widen their horizons in those pre-streaming days There are tons of excellent music I would have missed had it no be for gifted/loaned albums and concert tickets. You mention Jethro Tull for example. I remember my father giving me two tickets for the Aqualung tour show, I was about 13 and had never heard of this Tull guy. I say to my Dad "hey please don’t force me to go to a flute recital, we have enough at school! He replies “ya he does play a little flute. There’s also some guys playing guitars and pianos (he never used the word “keyboard” which was strange for a university music teacher specializing in modern jazz, and made it it hard to tell if he was takalking about a “boring” Steinway or some exciting Moog synth or Hammond organ (we had one of those at home, I remember falling asleep to the sound of it hundreds of times). I’ll just tell you this son: I hate 'em so I’m sure you’ll like the concert. Your mother will accompany you”.


That’s the reason why I never say that concert was my first. Attending a show with your mother doesn’t count.


Worst absolute quality: A low budget family touring band with a van towing their equipment in a rusty old pickup truck trailer. I attended in a local church for community support. The matron/mother weighed about 400 pounds, had a home haircut, and wore a sheet as a dress.

Hmm. I’m not sure I would have liked that one either, too avant-garde for me

Oh, you meant worst mainstream concerts… Worst personal experience: Attending Steel Pulse (reggae) with the flu.

I once attended a concert by The Flu myself and it’s not really my kind of music either

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Yeah, counts. Especially if you were :musical_score:SITTING ON A PARK BENCH, EYING LITTLE GIRLS WITH BAD INTENT. :notes: :musical_note:

Of course I was eyeing little girls, I was 13 fer chris’sakes! :heart_eyes:


The first concert I ever went to was approximately 36 years ago. A guy who worked with my father took me to see Ronnie James Dio. I think we went to the Irvine Amphitheater in California. Just prior to the concert I still remember a guy was painting wildly a painting. When he finished he stood back and we had no idea what he had painted. Then he rotated the frame and it was a perfect painting of Jimmy Hendrix. The concert was great btw.


Awesome!! Thanks Darrin :musical_score:





J. Geils Band with Johnny and the Distractions, April 1982 at the Seattle Center Coliseum. Here’s a picture of the band taken backstage (no I’m not in it. ) :slight_smile: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s5/client/snv?noteGuid=2e57e597-fc9c-455a-8582-ae184c4c79d2&noteKey=157ae2b6b03625e2&sn=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.evernote.com%2Fshard%2Fs5%2Fsh%2F2e57e597-fc9c-455a-8582-ae184c4c79d2%2F157ae2b6b03625e2&title=04%2F08%2F82%2B%E2%80%93%2BSeattle%2BCenter%2BColiseum%2C%2BSeattle%2B%2C%2BWA%2B%E2%80%93%2Bw%2F%2BJohnny%2BAnd%2BThe%2BDistractions

My first concert was actually a fake concert, where I was an extra in the “concert video” of Queen’s Friends Will Be Friends. That might just be the worst single they’ve ever released, but it was a lot of fun being there.

I was in college in London at the time and one of my friends found out where they were going to be filming, so we stood outside the gates of the studio until the security guards took pity on us (or more likely, they were sick of our constant whining) and let us in, and we were allowed to be extras in the audience. It was unfortunate that I didn’t like the song, because the whole day was spent doing take after take after take, waving our arms back and forth in each take. I can remember more or less where I was standing, but I’ve never spotted myself in the video.


My first concert was totally unexpected, in 1986 - I was 12 years old.

My father took me to see the Bulls play the Hawks - we lived in Chicago at the time, Chaka Khan played a concert after the game. She was great and it ignited my passion for live music that continues to this day.


January 10, 1986.

Ronnie James Dio and his opening act…

Yngwie Malmsteen

I saw Dio about a dozen times and I’m sad I couldn’t see him a dozen more times.

My first live concert was the Kinks in 1965 in Ayr Scotland