What's in the box!

The dryest of the dry stack and the most flavored of the flavored :thinking:

Might just run the Z8 with my Lyr+ then instead

Aesthetically, the Z8 and A70 Pro do look like they are made for each other tho, even if the colors don’t match

The Topping A90D’s led screen makes my brain tingle every single time. There is something about that design that just makes me very happy for some reason

I’m glad you have a sweet buddy there :+1:
But I’m a cat person, my wife says I’m the cat lady in the house! :laughing:


I originally ordered the PlayStation variant, but it had a severe channel imbalance; the Xbox version is flaw-free, though. The second time’s a charm!

It’s sounding quite good thus far for music but will primarily be used for the home office.


what a cute pair of furry friends :slight_smile:


Rescued this little girl about 13 years ago. (pic from not long after) She’s in charge now. Picked her up on a cold winter day in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Actually Barbara picked her up. “David, David, I’ve got something to show you.”


She’s a beautiful girl.

This is my little girl kitty, rescued by my daughter and who also owns our house:

In the 2nd picture she jumped in a box with a wreath on it when we were decorating for Christmas, and became out Christmas cat!


Thanks to Lou’s @Lou_Ford reminder, I ordered this little tool.

I now use it to connect the truly outstanding r2r DAC Holo Cyan2 with the aune S17Pro,

the Singxer SA-1

and the Topping A90 Discrete.

The symbiosis of DAC and amplifier is particularly noteworthy with the Topping.

I never really liked this amplifier until I connected the Cyan2 to it, suddenly I had the cleanest and most accurate sound representation on the A90, which brings out the qualities of the r2r specifications.

Paired with two very warm, almost darkly tuned headphones,

this results in a very relaxed, clean and smooth listening session.

This switch does what it is supposed to and, at least at first glance, does not lead to any audible reduction in sound.

Now that I know that this option works, I can probably save a bit of money, otherwise I would have to buy more DACs of this type and I already have two of them…


:joy: :rofl:

So, Lou:



It is a very useful little switch box. I have one to select between the Nitsch DSHA-3FN, and a Flux Lab Acoustics FA-10 Limited with the Schiit Yggdrasil OG. Very handy! :+1:


IIRC @generic brought up this type of switch awhile back, but in any case,

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For some reason, the Forum always errors out when I try to upload some pictures, so sorry for having to use imgur as a workaround. (There is a second picture that shows up when you click on the desktop image, showing the tubes)

Anyways! Nearly 8 months ago I picked up a used Schiit Lyr+ that died within a week unfortunately. But kudos for Schiit to honor the 5 year warranty and fixing it for free. Only took until now because 1. they initially sent the wrong part to Schiit Europe 2. The second replacement board was DOA

Schiit Europe (i know they are not officially Schiit, just a reseller) then went “screw this” and transplanted the functional board from a brand new Lyr+ that has cosmetic damage to honor the warranty (I really appreciate them going the extra mile there)

And now its finally back with me! (Please ignore my cluttered desk :sweat_smile:)


That’s about the best outcome you could hope for, awesome! I love it when you hear of a company
or person standing behind what they do like that.

Nice setup btw… :+1:


Yeah, I love it when companies are appreciative of their customers and dont mind doing some little extra work for that positive experience

Word of mouth (or in this case a forum entry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) goes a long way

And thank you! I really like my current setup even if its a bit cluttered. A lot of things I currently enjoy.
My custom keyboard. The mojo 2. My new OLED screen and much more

Yes I am very financially irresponsible in case you ask :sweat_smile:


You’d fit right in.
Financial responsibility is overrated…


I cant get a driver’s license due to health reasons and given the current market, I will never own a house.
So might as well enjoy myself with nice things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Finally was able to buy my childhood(?) dream interconnect, Silversmith Palladiums :partying_face:


Wow, you were a very informed child. :wink: lol Seriously though, congrats! Please share your thoughts once you’ve had time to consider them. :slight_smile: Although I own several thousand dollars in cables, I am still undecided whether I believe they make any audible difference. I also do not care to argue about it with anyone. I do very much like extremely nice things, though. :wink:


Ok. Not a bad headphone. Still have to put the FIIO FT5 through its paces, but so far I think the headphone benefits most from larger, more substantial desktop amplifiers. :v:


Me too. That’s why this thread is one of my favorites. So many nice things.

Mark Gosdin


IME there’s no such thing as perfect cable or perfectly transparent cable, at ANY price. Silversmith Palladium uses thin Palladium alloy ribbon suspended in air/teflon tube. Compared to excellent pure silver cables, they bring out a smidge more “wet” harmonics and bit more texture to vocals, but the thin ribbon design does have less authority in upper bass area. No free lunch.


A box with high expectations.

It was supposed to be hammer-time


and ended in bitter disappointment, the MJOLNIR distorts all connected headphones and the sound reproduction can certainly not be described as clear and clean.

Now I have contacted Schiit’s European contract partner to look for a solution.