Withdrawn : ifi Pro iCan with iPower X

Price: $1050
Currency: USD
Ships to: CON-US

EDIT: Sold off site

Additional Updated Timestamp and Photos HERE

I’m the second owner of this iCan, about 9 months old since bought new from original owner. Includes all accessories and the original power brick as well. The tubes have around 40-50 hours of use at most, was used in solid state mode for the majority of the time I’ve owned this.

Let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll answer as best I can, thanks!


How much was this new? What kind of payment would you accept?

The Pro iCan retails for $1799 currently through multiple sellers, and the 15v iPower X sells for $99 new. Payment would be through a PayPal invoice (Goods & Services for both buyer and seller protection) and the price includes shipping in the US and fees.