WITHDRAWN RAD-0 with Dekoni case and 3 cables $1500

Spent the morning listening to these again and decided to keep!

Hi everybody,

I bought these from another respected member here, my second pair of RAD-0 over the last couple years.

These weigh 606 grams without cable. The serial number is 2000222. I assume this is #222 but not positive of Rosson’s numbering scheme.

The pads are brand new, but as pictured, when I installed them the right pad has some slight overlap of adhesive I could not correct without pulling them off again, which I did not do. But the good news is the pads are brand new and as you can see the overlap is minimal.

I discarded the original case because I found it compressed the pads more than I wanted and after trying to cut away foam, decided I had ruined it! So, these are for sale with a Dekoni Hero case pictured. No other original packaging is included.

Included is a standard cable with 3.5mm and quarter inch adapter, and 4.4mm balanced cable. Two original Rosson cables, IMO they are very nice. I also include (not pictured), a Hart Audio cable in red, without termination .

I did my very best to photograph these to capture the beautiful deep blue and green colors. It is impossible. But they are gorgeous without being flashy. There are small blemishes in the cups and metal bits, these are not mint. Please view the pictures.

Price includes insured FedEx shipping but no fees.

Please message me any questions you may have.