Withdrawn ZMF Verite Open New Stock Sapele w/ Mag Chasis + Extras

Withdrawn, thanks!

Price: $2,050
Currency: USD
Ships to: Worldwide, Express w/ tracking 3 - 10 day delivery target. PM me for quote, it’s pretty affordable almost the same as shipping in US. I can also have it shipped to my address in US and shipped from there.

Passing on my like new ZMF Verite Open headphones since I need to free up some money. The sapele is beautiful, it looks like a higher quality sapele next to my sapele Aeolus - more depth and chatoyancy with a darker stain and more wood grain. It’s really hard to get these to photograph correctly, they are a darker stain in person than pictures show. These are like new, still have that clean factory feel. They have less than 40 hours on them. Total for these was about $3,000 USD. Ships from New Zealand.

Current Stock Sapele Wood Verite (stunning in person)
ZMF Stock Braided Cable 1/4" termination
ZMF Universe Perforated Pads and BE2 Suede Pads
ZMF Case
ZMF Owner’s Card
ZMF Braided Cable XLR terminaiton (was $200 add on)
Magnesium Chassis

Reality, naturalism, and a sense of truth. Vérité : [veri’ta] is a term often used in film and television as a style that emphasizes reality, naturalism, and a sense of truth. The Vérité’s driver is angled towards the ear and inset deeper than any other to play carefully on resonance before the sound reaches the eardrum. With the Vérité, ZMF has created a headphone that brings the ultimate truth to audio. With the utmost speed, accuracy, and heightened dynamic range, the Vérité will immerse the listener. Providing the natural decay of a music hall, yet retaining the speed of a Beryllium driver, the Vérité is dynamic by design. Vérité has a super effortless quality about it, projecting an almost electrostatic-like floating 3D stage.


Price drop! Steal of a price for a like new Verite.