WTB AudioQuest NightHawk Carbon

Price: Depends on Condition
Currency: US Dollars
Ships to: USA–Arizona

Or the NightOwl, maybe?

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Yes, I’d consider the NightOwl too…but only the NightOwl Carbon.

I still have the NightHawk Carbon but haven’t been itching to sell it. I’ve kept it around for its extreme comfort, and my wife uses too. But anything could be sold for the right price.

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Let me know if you ever want to sell it.

In the meantime, if you are still using the stock cable and want to improve the NightHawk’s sound quality by about 20%, consider the compatible Oppo PM1 OCC cable. It adds a lot of clarity and a bit of punch and soundstage. The cable is $107 delivered and available through Oppo. I use it on both my NightHawk and NightOwl Carbons and like the improvement.

As I said, everything has a price. PM me an offer.

sorry for this very late reply. I typed it but evidently, didn’t send it. It was still in the reply box -waiting.

Yes, it’s the Carbon. I’ve been lazy and haven’t got around to posting it for sale.