WTB - Focal Stellia (or WTT Grado GS3000e and/or Kennerton Magni for Focal Stellia)

Price: $1580-$1700
Currency: USD
Ships to: Texas


Looking to buy the Focal Stellia.

Ever since I sold my previous pair I have been missing them and also very sadden to have missed such an amazing deal for one that posted last week I’m head-fi. Well after going through a snow storm and having no power for 3 days (Yay Texas!), I have thought about it and I am hoping to buy them again. So if anyone has any plans to let theirs go, feel free to shoot me a pm.

I am only looking to spend around $1600 which I know is at the lower end of the price spectrum, but I got my first pair for $1580 and then the deal I missed last week was for $1600. Preferably they are in excellent condition with all original packaging/accessories and in warranty.

I also have a Kennerton Magni and a Grado GS3000e that I would be willing to trade.

Thank you,