WTB or WTT: (Both my Airist RDAC & Schiit Modi Multibit v2 (F) Bifrost 2

I think this may be the second time I’ve posted this listing here, but I’m hoping to upgrade to a Bifrost 2 if at all possible and am willing to trade 2 out my 3 prized R2R / Multibit DACs together to do so if anyone is interested. Know it’s a long shot, but both of these DACs are becoming pretty rare now; the Airist will more than likely never be made again, and from what I’ve read the Mimby is very close to being retired itself. Both are in like new condition, with very, very low hours on both (under 10 a piece) and all original accessories and packaging included. If anyone is interested in the trade, please just let me know. I’ll definitely post some pics if I hear back from someone. Anyways, I appreciate it!

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I meant to include things like the Denafrips Ares II and the Metrum Acoustics Amethyst in the list of things I’d be willing to trade both DACs for; sorry!