WTB: ZMF BE2 Lambskin/Hybrid Solid Pads, FT: Universe Lambskin Solid and Eikon Lambskin Perforated

Price: $40
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA
I’m looking to try some BE2 Lambskin Solid pads on my Verite Closed. I would also settle for the Hybrid BE2 Solid pads if the Lambskin pads aren’t available from anyone.

I have two sets of ZMF pads in good condition that I would be willing to trade for the BE2 pads. I have one set of Universe Lambskin Solid pads and one set of Eikon Lambskin Perforated pads available to trade. Please let me know if this sounds good to any of you ZMF owners out there.
Thanks for looking!