WTS: Focal Elex, Hifiman Ananda, Thick power cable, Gold Lion 6922, Free stuffs

Focal Elex: Bought to try out then found a better deal on a pair of Clear’s. Comes with OG box, stock xlr cable, and audiophile ninja 3.5mm cable. $480 Shipped

Hifiman Ananda: My brothers pair, excellent condition comes with OG box, stock cable, and NEOMUSICIA cable. $520 Shipped

Genelex Gold Pin Lion 6922’s: Less than 50 hours on them. $60 Shipped

Thick ass power cables 1.5m: Got them on amazon but they’re too big and bulky for my desk setup. $30 shipped each or $50 shipped for both

Chifi tube preamp: 3.5mm in/outs has treble and bass tone control, replaced the tubes with matched pair of GE 5654W. Free to whoever wants it

Dekoni nuggets: Brand new, thought I would use em but never found a use case. Free to whoever wants it (GONE)