WTS LTD Stabilized VC Closed

Hey all-

Find myself using my other cans since I’m home alone and also my stereo system.

Purchased during the summer LTD. They arrived late September and have seen, I kid you not, less than 5 hours of listening.

Original box, cables, proof of purchase and different pads will be included.

$3k shipped anywhere in the U.S. I pay shipping.


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Drop - $2,800 shipped.

Christmas sale price: $2,500!


Still available? Do you take PayPal? Why would you sell

I do take PayPal and still available. As the price has been reduced rather substantively, I’d make a request to perhaps split cost of fees, but won’t make a big deal out of it either way.

As to why. . . They haven’t been used in a couple months and I can’t imagine when I will. Seems criminal. They’re great cans, as is widely reported. I mostly listen to my built out stereo system and my open-backs.

Thank you for the response. Not sure what I’m going to do.

Hi, are these still available? They are beautiful!


They are still available!

Sorry for the late response. Where are they shipping from?
Which cables do you have them?

These beauts still available!

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these babies are sold!!


Thanks for the smooth transaction, elliot!

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Enjoy in the very best of health!