WTS: Rosson Audio Rad-0

Price: $2000
Ships to: USA
Shipping cost: I’d prefer to split the cost of shipping with the buyer, as the package will heavy due to the pelican case, and I will be shipping it insured.

It’s with mixed emotions that I’m listing my Rad-0. I love them and think they’re amazing headphones, but need to diversify my funds and the D8000 Pro have beaten them out at this stage. Candidly I’ll likely end up buying a new pair down the line, or whatever comes next out of Rosson Audio because I’m a huge fan. The headphones come with the Rad-0 pelican case and includes an XLR cable and a 1/4 inch cable. One note is that I have added Dekoni nuggets to the headband for improved comfort.

See here for pictures of my pair: Rad-0 "Trumpet" - Album on Imgur


Bumping this up, these are still available!

Just bumping these up, they’re still for sale!