ZMF Aeolus Headphones + 2 ZMF Pads + Hart Audio XLR and 1/4" Cables

Price: 950 + shipping
Currency: USD
Ships to: Worldwide from NZ (about $50 or so)

Headphones were purchases in 2020 and treated with extreme care. I’ve been through the full ZMF lineup and these are the best by far. This headphone can be tuned really easily to your preference. On a solid state amp with leather pads it can emit bass like the best. On a tube amp with suede pads it’s really relaxed, full, detailed and emotional. I’m selling it on to pay for my DNA amp pre order.

Wood is a beautiful sapele with a ton of chatoyancy under light.

Comes with: Sapele wood Hart Audio Cable with XLR and 1/4" connection (Much better than the original cable: light supple and doesn’t tangle - $190 NZD value) Leather Aeolus Pads Perforated Universe Suede Pads Seahorse Case New Acoustic Mesh Installed Owners card and manual.