ZMF Aeolus Sapele [Sold]

Price: $925
Currency: $USD
Ships to: Con. U.S only,

Hello All! I am letting go of my ZMF Aeolus Sapele B-stock.
I’ve only owned them for about a month. I bought to compare against my ZMF Eikon, and see what I like better. Turns out I enjoy the excitement of the Eikon just a bit more overall. The previous owner claims to have fitted them with a new headstrap, bopp filters and pads, so everything looks/feels very new. I believe the B-stock grading is because of slight imperfections in the finish, it’s like Greyish looking smudge spots, but they are so small it’s hard to capture on camera, but see the first pic for reference. Otherwise a beautiful set.

ZMF Aeolus Sapele B-Stock
Perforated Universe Suede pads & Perf. Lambskin Aeolus pads
OFC Cable & Stock cable both terminated in 1/4’’
ZMF Pilot Pad
Serial Card
Pelican Case

If you are more interested in a leather strap, I can install one instead of the suede.
Also, I have a stock cable terminated in 3.5mm if you would like that instead.
I only have 1 amp now, so I could part with my red 7.5ft Hart Audio Cable. This is a 4.5ft headphone cable and two 3ft interconnects (1/4" and balanced XLR).

I am selling/shipping to Con. U.S only,
Price includes: Shipping, Paypal Fees.
Sale is final.


Somebody please buy this so that I cannot.

Looks beautiful, GLWS!