ZMF November Vérité Closed Ambrosia Maple (Rarities) 2500$

Cost: 2500:

I am selling ZMF November Vérité Closed Ambrosia Maple (Rarities) (D#Y8D2KLO). I bought it as a new unit from ZMF last month and rarely used.
Details below:
ZMF November
Vérité Closed Ambrosia Maple (Rarities) (D#Y8D2KLO)
Headband & Strap Material: Leather Headband & Strap
Pads: Auteur Lambskin
Secondary Pads: Auteur Protein
OFC Cable Termination: 4-Pin XLR

  • The chassis is the magnesium chassis that comes as standard with all Vérité models.
  • Includes warranty card*, red cable bag, pad-cards.

The pictures of the cups are taken in flat light, with no processing other than a color-matched workflow and cropping/resizing the images. They look as close to the actual headphones, in the same light, on my monitor as I can see.
ZMF November

The $2,500** price is what I paid to buy this item (its newly purchased),

Buyer will pay PayPal fees and shipping costs (all actuals). Shipping will through DHL express international, expected to deliver 7 to 10 working days,

**The item will be sold as-is, and not subject to return.



Can you please take a picture of the full cup? Interested in seeing how the whole thing looks.


Here is the full cup picture of both,


If I had the coin! Half of a semester’s tuition for me but LORT is that a beauty.

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