ZMF Pendant OG + ZMF NOS Tubes + Stock Tubes

Price: $1500 + Shipping (I will handle any PayPal fees)
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

For sale is an OG ZMF Pendant in excellent condition (only slight “marks” on the transformers, to my knowledge they came that way because I’ve never moved this thing after receiving it), with the NOS tube add-on from ZMF, stock tubes and additional assorted NOS tubes. This also includes a power cable and the Pelican case it shipped with, so between the amp and the case it’s heavy and probably not cheap to ship insured, just as an FYI. Not looking to trade, only looking to sell. I have references as a buyer and seller through here and through Audiogon if you want to vet me.

The tubes included are:

ZMF NOS Tubes:

Sylvania 12AX7
Baldwin 12AU7
2 x Baldwin EL84

Stock Tubes:
J&J 12AX7
2 x J&J EL84
J&J EZ81

Feel free to reach out with any questions, or if you want additional pictures!


Solid seller, he did a fantastic job when I bought my VC’s from him. Really a great guy, trustworthy, and thorough. A+ Buy with confidence!


Thank you for the kind words @bobmysterious!

A note for any potentially interested parties. I’m sad to part with the Pendant, but my Head-Fi budget is limited for the moment and I want to try new things (other amps mostly, namely the upcoming A&S collab with…). I love the Pendant and it sounds great, and if you’re looking for validation you’ll see lots of praise for it across this forum and others from well respected members of the community. I feel the $1700 price + shipping is fair, given that I paid $2200 + shipping for it originally (Pendant + ZMF Vintage tubes bundle), plus the $400+ I spent on tubes that I’m including as part of the bundle here.


As a recent purchaser of a Pendant from @andris, I can attest that the amp is exceptional and a ton of fun if you are getting into the game of rolling tubes (as I have recently.)


Wow, I was not aware of this.

Any details on this, you know since the beans have now been spilled.

@bpcarb and @Roark - Unfortunately not many beans to spill! Our very own @TylersEclectic teased it and now I want in on it haha. Hoping it’s more than a proof of concept/prototype and actually materializes:

Edit: as @Deepy mentioned below, this is an A&S collab with, I’m just blind apparently.


That’s the A&S and collaboration amp. Rosson Audio has nothing to do with it. Just to clear things up. Carry on.


I’ll adjust my post, I had misunderstood what that was, thank you for clearing that up. Still want to try it! Having a serious moment of “duh” and “I’m an idiot”, I saw it in the Rosson thread and ignored the very obvious logo…


All good! My wallet is glad that we have that cleared up.

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Price drop to $1500, no longer including the assorted tubes bundle.

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Just bumping this up to say this is still available! Looking for a good home for a great amp :grin:


Doing a weekly bump to say this is still available!


Still available! Pendant in search of good home.


This listing is closed, the amp has sold!