Good day and thank you stepping in to check out my profile. My name is John and I am new to HiFi world. I was interested in purchasing headphones that provide quality sound and was almost sucked into the mainstream mass market until I saw the video on YouTube from the headphone show which seems to have opened much more technical aspects that I was unaware were considerable. I see so many headphone reviews of the mass market stuff and seems like a lot of people just generalize rather than get scientific or physics-cal.

Which is what brought me here.

All of which is right down my alley. Truth in numbers don’t lie and I don’t mean sales.

My first HiFi experience was with the Audeze LCD 2 and I was shocked. I kept looking into them and saw how astonishingly pricey they were and that made me hesitate from jumping into this sooner.

I currently own nothing that is HiFi.

Second, I just built my computer in mid July. I see my computer as my source of music as I listen to music now for nearly two or three hours a day.

So the expansion seems optimal. I grew up on classic rock, and honestly appreciate all types of music. On my computer I built previously in 2001 I had ~4000 tracks. Just give you an idea of my appreciation of music and hardly possessed full CD’s of tracks to fill that number of songs. All were free downloads from Napster and Kazaa.

So I’m definitely looking to get back into the swing of things. Currently subscribed to SiriusXM for my very average audio setup.

I do a lot of driving, so enjoy listening random tracks provided. Been a big fan of Pandora as well since it was founded. Time to step it all up as I get my setup.

Anyone curious about my computer. I got MSI Z390 MEG Godlike, Intel I9-9900k, 2X 8 GB Corsair RGB Pro 3200CL14, 2x Samsung 970 Pro’s 1 TB, MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z, EVGA CLC 360 cooler, 7 120 Noctua iPPC 3000 RPM, with Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL RoG edition.