Here are things I own or owned


Unique Melody - Mest
Campfire Solaris 2020
Campfire Ara- amazing
JH audio Roxanne Performance–sold
JH audio Lola Performance
JH audio Angie
Noble Audio Khan
Noble Audio Encore Brass Limited Edition
64audio Tia Trio
Sony ier z1r
Qdc Fusion
Final Audio Mak1
Shure KSE1500
empire ears legend x
64audio U8
empire ears ZEUS XR- Adel
empire ears Zeus R
ibasso it03
Tralucent Ref1— great iem- sold
Empire ears savage 5-- – sold
64 audio u12— great iem— sold
sennheiser ie 800- --sold
Shure 846-- -sold

Stax 007 Mk2---- sold
Stax L300 LE–very great headphone
Kaldas Conquest RR1 —amazing electrostat-- sold
Perun elctrostat–amazing headphone-- sold
Denon 9200- best closed headphone period
Audeze LCD GX-- sold
Stax 407-- sold
Stax 307-- sold
kennerton vali-- great
Hifiman He1000 SE— how will this be topped, endgame for a long time
Hifiman HE 1000 v1— bought it twice and will newer sell it again
Audeze LCD 4Z-- great headphone-- sold
Audeze LCD MX4— best audeze headphone- sold
Meze Empyrean— good planar- sold
Hifiman HE 1000 V2— sold
ALO Cascade- sold
Hifiman HE X V2-- great headphone-- sold
Audeze LCD 2 Classic-- good
Audeze Mobius-- great BT headphone- sold
ZMF Atticus- sold
Focal Elear— sold
Audeze Lcd X- 2017 model---- great— sold
Audeze Sine- good portable headphone-- sold
audeze el8 open back-- sold
oppo pm1— great headphone— sold
oppo pm-2— great
Sennheiser 6xx mass drop-- sold
Fostex t50rp mk3-- sold
Audeze Lcd 2 rev2 —sold
Mr Speakers mad dogs - sold
B&W P7 wireless-- sold
Hifiman HE 350 massdrop–sold
Hifiman Edition S
Oppo Pm2- amazing

Source Inventory
Calyx M-- great dap
Chord Hugo tt2---- best dac/amp period
Meier Audio Corda Soul — sold
AK SP2000- copper-- great dap
ifi idsd pro—good-- sold
auris eutrepe-- great
Cayin N6ii-- sold
AK SP1000M-- good dap-- sold
Ibasso dx 220-with amp8ex-- sold
Stax SRM 007TII–sold
Stax SRM 323s–sold
Chord Hugo 2-- simply amazing-- sold
chord qutest-----great dac-- sold
Ifi pro ican- amp=== best amp period-- sold
Woo Audio Wa7-- sold
Astell and Kern SE100 dap-- good dap-- sold
ifi micro idsd black label-- good – sold
Burson conductor v2+ – sold
Astell and Kern KANN dap— good— sold
rha dac/amp L1— ok—sold
hifiman ef-100-- ok amp-- sold
cowon plenue pm2---- sold
cowon plenue s- sold
ak380 dap + amp-- sold
fiio x5iii-- ok player-- sold
ifi micro dsd-- sold it
ifi ican nano-- sold
Alo MK3 B–amazing portable amp I will never sell it
AL MK3 B+ ----sold
denon da-10- sold it
venturecraft- go dap x
fiio a5-- good amp-- sold
fiio e18–sold
fiio e11–sold
fiio x3 2nd gen- sold it
Digizoid Zo FS- decent
ak100ii-- sold it
headstage arrow 5tx- great portable iem amp
chord mojo-- amazing
Chord Hugo- sold
Creative sound blaster e5-- ok— sold
Fiio x7 with am1, am3, and am5—sold
Astell&Kern AK XB10
Schiit audio — Loki