I was formally trained as PA/Studio audio engineer, though went the IT route with the advent of the Internet.

I tend to favor no frills pro equipment, or solid/interesting designs, and love DIY and Chi-Fi gem hunting.

I prefer using my ears over measurement devices (though of course use them, but they’re the means, not the goal.)

Have been hacking around audio electronics/headphones since I was 12, DIY audio/headphone forums since the 2000’s, beggining with the Cmoy at HeadWize.

Actual Rigs:

:USB HifiMeDIY DAC2 S/PDIF: SRC2496 : balanced: Loxjie P20 : balanced: HD6xx

:USB Hecate LT: I2S : DDDAC 1543 mkII : Darkvoice 336 : HD6xx