64 Audio U6t - Official Thread

This is the place to discuss all thing 64 Audio U6t:


Driver Type/Count Six precision balanced armature drivers
Driver Configuration 1 tia high, 1 hi-mid, 2 mid, 2 low
Frequency Response 10Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity 108 dB/mW
Impedance 10Ω Nominal
Crossover Integrated 4-way passive crossover
Isolation -20dB with m20 apex module

We’ve already had a chance to give them a listen.

Check out initial thoughts from me and our IEM specialist @Precogvision:

And check out Precog’s review here:


Happy New Year!

Is there a follow-up in-depth video review coming?

I picked up a used pair of the U6t and they arrived today, so these are my impressions after about 3 hours of listening to them (so take my opinions with a grain of salt).

As background, I am more of a headphone guy and this is only my third pair of IEMs (so take my opinions with a grain of salt).

These are fantastic IEMs for enjoying music. They provide an engaging and dynamic presentation, have a fantastic tonal balance, and come in a sleek and comfortable package. Their detail is not on the level of headphones like the Verite Closed or LCD-XC (I don’t have much IEM comparative experience), but to be frank it was good enough that I didn’t care one lick.

My crazy take: in my very limited experience I would say that the 64 Audio U6t is almost ZMF-like, as if the Eikon and Auteur had a baby and that baby was an IEM. The U6t hits hard, has fantastic timbre, and has an engaging and fun frequency response. That’s how I felt when I heard the the Auteur and Eikon and fell in love with ZMF and that’s how I feel right now with the U6t.


Moondrop Blessing 2 (not dusk) - I really liked the Blessing 2 and it has some similarities to the U6t, especially in their strengths. More specifically, I think both IEMs excel in both excellent dynamics and timbre. The U6t is better in both, but if I was to compare the new price tags I would be disappointed in the only modest improvement. The frequency response is significantly more to my liking on the U6t. The bass and mids have better separation on the U6t and though both IEMs have a lot of treble energy, the U6t never feels bright to my ears. The U6t is smaller, sleeker, and way more comfortable than the Blessing 2 for my ears.

Thieaudio Oracle - I wanted to like the Oracle so badly (mostly because I love the aesthetic), but sadly, I found that the Oracle did not agree with me. Where the U6t is engaging and dynamic, I found the Oracle to be clinical and dead. Yes the Oracle was pretty detailed and sounded quite clean, but I rarely found myself lost in the music. The limpness of the impact on the Oracle as compared to the U6t (and Blessing 2) is a bad memory for me. Also the difference in treble is night and day and heavily leans to my preferences for the U6t. The U6t is smaller and way more comfortable than the Oracles for my ears, but I do love the look of the Oracle.

Overall I am really impressed the U6t and although I’ve only been listening for a short time, the honeymoon period (so far) has been memorable one. Only downside is that I’m now really intrigued to hear the U12t.


Hello Andrew, I’m a little late to the party, since I’m JUST getting into this world, so…

I have seen lots of videos to get a closer idea on what I want and I would like to have.

I see you made a comment on a live Q&A about the U6T and how much you like them, but also mentioned the U12T and I’ve read it’s great and that it -might- be a little too sharp, so, my question is:

If they were both priced the same, and you could only have -one- headphone, wich one of these two would it be?

Thank you very much!

Best regards


U12t for sure. Definitely not sharp at all, and more on the smooth and relaxed side of things overall.


Thank you very much for your reply!

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So a bit of an update, I’ve had the U6t for almost 6 months now.

In addition, during this time I bought both a Nio and U12t. In the end I sold both and kept the U6t.

Although I loved the aesthetics of the Nio, I felt that the mids and treble didn’t live up to the U12t or U6t. That choice was easy (for me).

When I compared the U12t to the U6t at home, the U12t is clearly the more refined IEM. The soundstage, balance, and detail all outcompete the U6t. The differences aren’t huge, but they are pretty clear. The U6t is more bass heavy and feels more dynamic, but maybe that’s just the tuning.

So why keep the U6t?!? It not just because I’m cheap, it comes down to my use case. You see, I don’t really listen to IEMs at home, I use them while walking and traveling. Unfortunately, 64 audio IEMs don’t isolate very well due to the modules. Given that I expect to be regularly subjected to ambient noise and that I’m on the go and not doing critical listening, I find that the soundstage, detail, and balance of the U12t to get lost in the hustle and bustle. In fact the more fun, bassy, and seemingly more dynamic sound of the U6T is preferable to my ears under these conditions.

At the end of the day, when I’m at home I listen to speakers or my ZMF VCs, so IEMs are really an on the go device and for this use case I prefer the U6t.


This makes perfect sense to me. I came to the same conclusion for IEMs.

Fit, comfort, isolation and timbre have come to be deciding factors when choosing what I use on the go. It became apparent very quickly that the technically superior Mest Mkii’s benefits were lost and less important compared to some of my midfi sets with superior comfort, etc.

Hell, I usually opt for tws just for ease of use and convenience….the AKG n400’s ANC is pretty fantastic when you want isolation and Galaxy Buds+ comfort and ambient pass through are also great when out and about.

The only time I use my Mest anymore is doing chores around the house….I was dying to experience the IER-Z1R but it’s not much of a priority anymore since I don’t really have much of a use case. Same for the U12t. Still curious though….:grin:


Hi Andrew, also please find my update over the previous review. I have the custom A6 (not A6t) quite some times, unfortunately A6 for me very dark and muddy IEM, it comes alive when I use it with balanced cable together with eq, I also have Mest Mk2; if I compare them together(A6 with balanced cable and EQ otherwise nonsense) soundstage and imaging goes to A6, clarity, spacing and instrument detail quality goes to Mest mk2.
A6 as stock mid focus EIM to me, certainly quality there, every balanced armature work in a high quality but dark and muddy way, if you use the balanced cable with a player in my case Hiby R3; bass is well balanced, punchy and rumbly; if you don’t listen Mest mk2 you can think that it is the nicest bass ever for EIM, Mids are so good especially vocals which stand outs even better than Mest, high is there but less pronounce nothing particular that is why my A6 lacks of airiness and clarity.
According the other reviews above which I believe base on universal units I come to conclusion that Audio64 may have done a mistake with the costume units.
At the end of the day, I can’t get rid off A6, I love it, comfort is excellent and there is some magic with it that I can’t put it in words, I am using A6 and Mest mk2 almost equally, I wish to feel the same way with stock A6. Thanks

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I generally stick to universals personally, just because it’s easier to predict what that’ll sound like, rather than customs. I know Precog has done some stuff with custom IEMs though.

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Yep, if there’s a custom review coming, Precog is usually the one that will do it for the headphones.com team.


I am a U12t fanboy as well. I find it the best balanced tonality of every IEM I have owned or tried. No particular characteristic stands out about the U12t - just the enjoyment of the music. And for me, that’s a good thing.


Enjoyment of the music is something people tend to easily forget in this hobby!