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This is the place to discuss all things about the 64 Audio Volur.

Here are the measurements:

We’ll have a better view for IEM data soon to match that of over-ear data but that’s still a work in progress. At the moment this is just a 10dB slope, but keep in mind bass preference variation is going to be more significant for IEMs compared to over ears (as indicated by the preference research).

For the different modules and channel matching, I swapped over to the GRAS to make use of the canal extension tube.

For GRAS data, we’ll soon have the appropriate DFHRTF, however we’re still discussing whether we should use the KB5000 result for in-ears or a population average, since the pinna is technically being bypassed. Once that’s ironed out these will be represented with a compensation as well.

64 Audio Volur Impressions:

  • Warm with upper treble zing - we might say a U-shaped sound signature.
  • Ear gain is reasonable in level, even if a bit relaxed and slightly uneven at 4.7khz, which adds a bit of character/coloration.
  • Bass quality is exceptional, but with the M15 and M20 modules its a bit much for me.
  • Treble is not sibilant, but the upper treble ‘air’ tends to dominate. I think this could be balanced out a bit better with either more mid treble or less upper treble (or both).
  • Subjective qualities are extremely good on all fronts, a lot more impressive than the Nio was, from memory at least.
  • Fit, comfort and build is all great, just like other 64 Audio IEMs.

My review for those interested: 64 Audio Volür In-Ear Monitors Review - Flagship Bass! | TechPowerUp


Do you like it? If you could give the gist of your impressions.

I do like it, it’s a very cool presentation with excellent bass quality (and quantity that can be customized to different extents) that makes for a U- or L-shaped sound. Vocals mostly come off intimate whereas instruments, especially strings, are more diffused in a wider soundstage. Upper mids are non-fatiguing without sibilance although there’s a pronounced upper treble presence that’s emphasized by a mid-treble dip which can be deal breakers for some. I’ve had a couple of EQ filters work magic for me and overall I’ve been using it with the default M15 modules for a detailed, warm sound.


These iem’s are up there in TOTL performance, but I think getting the short end of the popularity stick for being priced too low (yes, 64 may have been better off artificially bumping up the price past 3K due to the market tendency of very exaggerated over-pricing, and probably get more hype lol).

A lot of $3K+ iem’s do get away with this (IMO) due to bundling a premium cable in their packaging. 64 Audio does not do this, so I guess that explains why it’s not $3.5K :wink:

Hard-pressed to find better bass performance in an IEM in 2023, but furthermore offset with a generally well-tuned + versatile set, easily EQ’able due to great THD metrics and highly resolving drivers.

The main question marks would be

  1. Are you a fan of a darker treble paired with a boosted upper? Depending on music, this generally leans dark, but can sometimes straight up sound bright-ish with over-accentuated sizzle.
  2. Bass shelf vs Bass slope, what’s your pref? There’s is no artificial sounding shelf here, it’s bass done proper.
  3. Not the most satisfying spatiality due to wave-guided high treble. Sound and imaging is very much focused rather than being diffused like a lot of the multi-kilobuck stuff out there. More of a monitoring sound still. For some comparing IEM’s to Genelecs very commonly, this is probably the most apt IEM for that type of comparison.

I think this is 64’s most mature product to date, it’s excellent, but expensive.


I’m just going to throw it out there and say it would be nice if they did with some of their products. The stock cable definitely isn’t my favourite. I tend to go back to one of the old Dunu Blanche cables we have lying around whenever I’m giving a 64A IEM a run.

I took the Volur with me on vacation for the last couple of weeks and enjoyed my time with it. I think I probably place the U12t and Nio above it for my personal preferences but the Volur did a lot of things right for me. At first I didn’t know what all the bass hype was about as I wasn’t feeling it but once I got a proper seal I got it. Definitely more tastefully done than the EVO or X for me.

I also enjoy this trend with new 64 Audio IEMs of more exciting faceplate designs. It was always my complaint with the original four of the U12t, Trio, U18t and Fourte.


“I think I probably place the U12t…above it”

Basshead card revoked!

Taron confirmed classical and jazz enthusiast.


It’s ok @taronlissimore , we still love you :slight_smile:

Try Coreir brass tips on Volur if you want a more U12T-like experience in the mid-treble. It will make the Volur sound brighter overall, but a bit more coherent and well-placed in the high-freq timbre + imaging. Bass will take a hit in terms of visceral impact though. I recc M20 with this.

Eartip fitment is cursed on the 64a nozzles though beware :stuck_out_tongue:

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