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Honestly, at $400 I would be looking at a DAC/amp combo. I have the JDS OL DAC and really, the DAC does it’s job well and it was only $100. Something like the Topping DX7S or JDS Labs Element II is $400. If your deadset on a standalone DAC, E30 DAC has some impressive measurements. Personally, I wouldn’t get crazy with just a DAC, but everyone’s needs are different.

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I am new in this world of hi fi and to start I bought the hd6xx from the drop company, those headphones will arrive in 1 week.
I’m looking for an amp + dac that can be a good combo with these headphones (the best I can get with my budget) for each one I have approximately $ 160, and I’m looking for options that I can buy from Aliexpress, because in my country (Peru) shipping and taxes are cheap from this page.
I read a lot and saw quite a few reviews about equipment such as:
DAC: Topping e30 - Topping d30 - Khadas Tone Board - Topping dx3 pro - Topping d50 - Ifi zen dac - Smsl sanskrit 10th MKII - Smsl m8a - other?
AMP: SMSL SP100 - Topping L30 - Topping d10s - Topping a50s - Little Dot MKII - Ifi zen can - other?

Thank you very much for your patience and for your advice as it is very difficult to enter this world with little knowledge, and so many options in this price range.

Sorry if I’m in the wrong section of the forum


An interesting evolution of Khadas Tone Board, Khadas Tone2 Pro. DAC, head amp with coax and line out.

Sort of a survey the landscape, 6 months before any commitment type question here. Considering DAC only, no need for pre-amp. Must have USB input available. Must have single-ended line-level output.

Don’t need MQA. Would like to be able to handle 192/24.

Musicality a plus ( nudge nudge, wink wink). $500 or less a plus. Over $800 a dealbreaker. I have toyed with another BF2, but want to consider alternatives.

Let loose with the thoughts. Free your mind (as P-Funk likes to say).

Greetings, hopefully this is the correct forum I’m:
just a question on DAPS… I currently have the HIBY R5s and looking at the Cayin R3 Pro.
Anyone, would this be a side-step or upgrade on just the sound only, do t stream or anything else. My headphones are the LSA HP-2 Ultra se and pretty happy with the HIBY, but as usual always looking a for little better or even different. Thanks in advance everyone for your input.

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Working wonders keeping my room (competes with Death Valley) at normal humidity levels. Lol Had a lot of problems with static electricity on my 660S as well as my interconnects becoming too brittle. So far i have had two audioquest interconnects and my focal elex xlr cable lose connectivity within the last 3 months.
Forced air heat does a number on your listening area.

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So is the behringer ha400 enough to drive the he400se or should I get a beefier amp

Personally I wouldn’t choose the HA400 for the HE400se.

The HA400 is not that powerful (40mW if I remember correctly) and will certainly struggle to provide enough current for them.

They don’t need a ridiculous amount of power but I would still recommend something like an Atom for them.

Well this seems like the right topic.

Where did I put my iFi xDSD?

Last seen about May when I had taken it to work becuase I plugged an iFi Zen Blue V2 into a Schiit Lokius power supply and needed to bluetooth some audio to an amp. I then switched it out for my Fii0 because BT 5.x. Then my replacement Zen Stream or whatever came and I took it home. I think - don’t see it around the office, and I do have the Fii0 here.

I usually keep it in its carry bag in the guest room near the bed. Have looked all over and under the bed there. It’s not with the HE-560 headphones. It’s not in the case with the Rossons, nor in the bag where I keep my Vindor electronic instrument, Grado SR-60e (with tape mod) and music. It’s not stashed with the Hart cable box. I even checked near my battlestation where I have my desktop stack in case I was experimenting and forgot.

I checked both travel bags and found my Sennheiser IE-40 Pros and one glove that I had been missing. (no, don’t think Michael Jackson, it’s a work glove). This is sort of annoying, I’d planned on lending it to someone.

Any help would be appreciated.

3+ hours later - Never mind, I found it. Hiding in a Koss sleeve instead of an iFi one. I appreciate the lack of doddering old fool comments. For the future, I’d appreciate those of you who might be clairvoyant to state so in your profiles so that I can PM you as needed. But you already know that.