Aeon Closed, Dragonfly Cobalt, Bybee, Analysis Plus, etc

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I’m selling a lot of old audio gear as I need to replenish my bank account after the purchase of a new cartridge (and also speed along spring cleaning). As below! Pics to come!

AEON CLOSED ($350). I got the Aeons through a dealer maybe two years ago (not sure), but not sure about warranty stuff. They have worked perfectly. There is some minor wear on one of the earpads if you look closely, but not significant … I love these headphones, but I don’t use them as I used to. Comes with original packing, etc.

DRAGONFLY COBALT ($250). The Cobalt was unboxed last September, probably. I had to buy a new Dragontail to replace the one I left in a hotel, but that’s all that is different. It’s a great product, and have had no complaints. I even used it to stream Qobuz from my Android phone into a friend’s amp when I was visiting and the upgrade over her stock CD player was very obvious. Everyone has their opinion, but for me this baby punches way over its weight class, and the portability is unmatched. I’m sure that for $400 a Chord Mojo is better, but when you’re sitting on a plane, the less crap you need to juggle the better … and it’s ideal for that. But I also have to applaud the fact that it’s totally viable for use in a primary hi-fi system. It was purchased from

BYBEE POWER CONDITIONER, DESIGNED BY JOHN CURL ($750). This is some classic gear from the '00s. Used daily for a number of years, then stored, then used again, then stored. A few cosmetic scratches on the Bubinga wood casing (very nice looking) but nothing unusual or visually distracting. Comes with a big honking pair of Harmonic Tech power cables. I don’t really need it in my current set-up, where I am trying hard to minimize components and cabling. When I bought it, it was considered among the best such products available. Original price was $2500.

ANALYSIS PLUS OVAL 9 CABLE ($250). This model predates whatever is being sold now with the same name. Distinct purple and black color scheme with transparent casing. This is an 8 or 10-foot run (I’ll double-check). I used them for many years with great enjoyment. Upgraded my cabling a year ago, though, so no longer need 'em. Not sure about original retail but this price is $100 under the used price I see on eBay.

NOLA CONTENDER speakers ($1250). Purchased in Fall 2013, the original Contenders were a budget-audio banger (well, if $3400 is considered budget). Surprisingly good bass! The current edition sells for nearly 7k. These are in piano black and I lost the grills which the company no longer makes, unfortunately. Worse, there are small indentations in the protective material over the two drivers on one of the speakers. I don’t really notice anything sitting across a room, nor the usual minor dings or scratches. (I will post photos later, of these and the other items). I am knocking down the asking price because of this (Upscale Audio was selling a pair of the same generation for $1,800). And, finally, I don’t have the shipping boxes, either, so would need to figure that out as well. ANYWAY … if interested, we can discuss! A great steal/deal!

OK, I rambled on enough … I have 10+ years of good reviews from Audiogon (steve_dollar) you are welcome to check out.

Thanks for looking!


Hello. Are the Dan Clark’s still available and where are you located?

Yes they are! I am in north Florida.

These are the first generation Aeons, not the newer ones. I can also send you a pic of the scuff/wear on the earpads, which for my eyes is slight.

Do these have the balanced cable or the 3.5mm termination.

3.5. And I’ll include an adaptor for quarter-inch.

Is there way to private message on here? If not please shoot me an email at to discuss details.

Click on your icon next to the three bars in the upper right…then click the envelope and type out @ then the username of who you want to DM, it is essentially an email format DM.

Thanks @darthPool … I messaged him last week, all good!

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Aeon closed … $275

Dragonfly Cobalt … $250.

Welp … the Dragonfly broke and has to be repaired, and at this point a pair of original Aeon Closed appears to be obsolete at any price, so just scratch these from the list.