Alo Audio CDM

Alo Audio CDM dac/amp. Is such a treat. I just love this amp/dac. It was a game changer in Every way. I just love the tube rolling option and it is a wonderful amp for earphones.

What have you found to be your favorite earphone, headphone, and tube combinations for the CDM?

I am in the market for a nice transportable for my office.

Yes, sylvania 6021 gold brand and ie800s sound heavenly! My AKG k3003i sound great with this pairing. Sounds like my desktop tube amp but only with IEM.

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I have around 25 pairs of tubes for my CDM, I just love the tube roliling option. It is really fun and the tubes you can find at reasonable prices compared to 6922 tubes. To me it is the complete audio package. Some don’t like the dac but sometimes new don’t mean better. The dac sounds lush with this amp combo. And it looks like a piece of art.

What headphones/iem are you using with the CDM?

Earphones AKGk3003i, ie800 & ie800s, full size headphones dt 1990 pros and hd6xx balanced.

I’m not disputing this … I found the ALO CDM to be a lovely listen - if a bit short on battery life, but I’d love to know, and think it’d be useful for other readers, what you were coming from and to have more detail on what you found changed/improved relative to your prior experiences.

The WM8741 remains one of my favorite DAC ICs. It was good enough for Linn to use in the heart of their $13,500 Klimax DS unit for years. Yes, it lacks a little in extreme technicalities compared to today’s state of the art converters, but it’s a lovely, lucid, organic sounding DAC and a great complement to the amp-stage of the CDM.