Amps for ortho

Anyone have a suggestion I’m looking for a tube amp to run some orthos. Right now I’m running centrance hifim8 and it’s pretty hard to beat to be honest.

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What budget? I’m not a huge fan of tubes with planars—they tend to not provide enough current. Hybrids are a bit better but in my experience, solid state tends to do best at most price points.

Lyr 3 might be a good option, haven’t tried it myself though.

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I have the Lyr3 with the Abyss 1266, one would think it silly to use a $500 amp with a $5,000 Headphone, but the Lyr3 does quite well! Match it with a good NOS Tube, and you have the best of tubes, with the SS heft orthodoxy require.

I’m having a lot of fun with the Lyr 2, which runs ortho effortlessly; Schiit currently has a handful of these on closeout for the ridiculously cheap price of $299. You can of course spend a fortune on tubes for it if you want, but cheap Russian 1960s tubes for $20 (souvenirs of their space program!) work really well too.

I have the Schiit Valhalla which is very affordable and has great power. I also have and prefer the WooAudio WA6 but I recommend if you go that route you step up to the WA6 WA6 SE. It has a separate power transformer. I found my WA6 runs out of juice on many headphones and I sent back a set of LCD2s because they felt like I was being sucked into a black hole of DARK sound. If you can try any amps before you buy (which would be a nice thing for most of us) please do. Also, @Ishcabible is asking the best question. What’s your budget?

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