Antdroid's Headphones List, Impressions and Reviews

Like the IEM Ranking List thread, I made a new headphones ranking list and will make updates and other impressions here.

I also have a graph measurement database tool for headphones here:

The Ranking List is updated here:

As of 17-OCT-2021, this is a visual representation of the ranking list:


Interesting! So Focal Elegia gets better points than LCD-X? Also Ananda and bunch of others over LCD-4, wow. Wouldn’t have guessed that. Kinda hard to read the graph btw. Cheers!

i am biased towards hifiman/focal, and weight is considered too. :slight_smile:


Great job. I’m struggling with number 4, 6, 8.
Not a bad struggle.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Wow! Nice list. So much for everyone to disagree/compare with. I do share your love for the HifiMan headphones. I probably would have given much more love to the Sennheiser HD58X when connected to the correct amp. Very enjoyable nonetheless. Thanks for sharing!

Good to see more resources for headphones. It’s one of those things that’s more personal with different shape heads, ears, glasses or no glasses, jaw line, or neck muscle strength ;). @antdroid, thanks for your work!

So is “AntGrade” sort of like a comfort rating?

With all the buzz around the newer Audezes (LCD-5 and CRB), would be interested to see where these slot on your preference list. Time for a drive-by to @Resolve’s place to borrow that LCD-5 he has.

antgrade is most like my general overall value including build/weight/comfort considerations.

I do see that you gave the HD58X a B- for tonality which makes sense. After more thought, your technical rating of C- is a lot less than I would have given because you have listened to many more higher end headphones than I. Makes sense.

Yea my ranking is not considering price. Its the whole grand scheme of things. But if you want to take cost into consideration, you can see how it falls within others in its price category. I tried to make a “value” rating based on math but it doesnt really work that well, but its there for fun.


That’s fair. Which revisions of the LCD-X and LCD-4 did you base the ranking on?

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I tried them when they first came out so probably revisions.

This is quite the round up of data.
Very cool. Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to do this for us.

Let me know exactly what you think of the Stealth by DCA.
I’m very much considering getting that headphone in the future. :wink:


I was surprised by the lack of a Hifiman HE1000 variant in the list! Very curious where a v2 or SE would land in the rankings

It might also be interesting to see which of these were EQ’ed to achieve their “tonality” scores? I’m a huge fan of the HE6se V2 also, but without EQ I basically find it unlistenable. Same goes for the LCD4. OTOH most Focal cans just sound great OOTB, IMO. A simple EQ yes/no column might be super illuminating and help people to who might have strong opinions about EQ decide which of these headphones might be a good fit for their preferences.

Oh, and awesome work compiling this data. I agree with the vast majority of these rankings (or at least the ones I’ve had enough experience to have an opinion one way or the other)

Its been too long since I heard HE1000 series and even then, I didn’t listen to them long enough to make a proper assessment.

I have done this with some IEMs on my much larger IEM list, but that was really for the Audeze planar iems that come with Cipher EQ cable. The list would get a bit large with EQ to consider. I do think some headphones eq better than others though.

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