Audeze LCD-4z planar magnetic over-ear Headphones - Official Thread

This is the official thread to talk about the Audeze LCD-4z.

These are Audeze’s take on a more efficient LCD-4 (which I thought the MX4 did a good job of even though that was a cross between the LCD-X and the 4).

At 15 ohms, these cans can be driven by pretty much anything. They come in the magnesium gold but you can also get them in a custom wood like the LCD-4.

A common thing that I have seen around is people wondering if they can get the LCD-4z magnesium build with 200 ohm drivers. The official answer on this currently is no.

The LCD-4 can be had in their wood version with the 200 ohm drivers or 15 ohm driver.

Anyone have any thoughts on these new headphones?

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Are these shipping yet?

I’m a cynic, so much so that after extensive research I’ve just ordered Bamboo LCD-2s because the general consensus seems to be the difference in quality is negligible

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Has anyone auditioned/reviewed these yet?