Audeze LCD-5 - Official Thread

Oh, yeah the LCD-5 is fairly mid-forward, hence those two elevations. I find myself saying this in a number of places already but like, even relative to the HD 650, the LCD-5 has fairly dark treble. So if you think the HD 650 is warmer than neutral, you’ll want a treble boost of some kind. But if you think it’s brighter than neutral - which I have yet to meet anyone who thinks that - then it would be fine. When it comes to the balance between fundamental and harmonic, however, the ear gain region is definitely a bit too pronounced there in relation to the rest of the treble, meaning that those tones around 3khz come across more strongly than their resonant harmonics.

Of course… the other way to look at this is to say “neutrality be damned, darker treble presentation for the win”, and then you’d want to reduce 3khz a bit and go with the Metal571 approach to EQ haha.

With that said… spending time with the LCD-5 so far has made me glance around at my possessions to see what I can sell to be able to maybe afford one haha. This thing is nuts.


Is it enjoyable?

And with that bass shelf you’ve added, how does its bass compare to something like the D8000, which I feel is how you should do bass.

Yeah it’s so enjoyable with either EQ applied. LCD-5 bass is less about slam and more about detail, but it still has great tactility and grip to it. Truly outstanding bass.

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How is the impact and punch? If D8000 impact is very good, 1266 is sublime, and DCA Aeon Noire is like being slapped across the face by a toy trout made from Aerogel, where does the LCD5 with EQ lay?

Closer to D8K Pro than the rest.



Currently rocking Susvara with a 5db bass shelf, up where it should be. Isn’t too bad, no 1266 though.

Is that Ferrum OOR as cool as it seemed at the show? I was thinking that and the LCD-5 would be a great pairing…


You have to keep in mind, the 1266 gets it’s hard hitting bass partially from an air gap, and partially from having super thick and deep pads. The susvara bass can hit really hard with an air gap as well. All these features have cost.

Not quite to the same degree, given that it doesn’t have the same level for Fs, nor the same narrow Q - but theoretically yeah it would also boost.

Exactly what I did after Can Jam! lol


Yeah I know. But its still a reference point for bass impact and feel.

One thing I’m finding with the Susvara, is it opens up and sounds a lot better at higher volume. I know thats the case for most headphones/speakers, but these especially feel like there is a significant change.

How well does LCD-5 go at low volumes? Do the dynamics fall away a fair bit like the Susvara does (well it does on my rig).

I agree with this actually, I have to really listen loudly to get the proper dynamics and full sound, at lower volumes I am getting weak dynamics and just a overall not as good listen. Turn it up and its a completely different story

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That’s because you are not giving them enough :beverage_box:

Need to get a pair of these:




I do wonder how the whole speaker amp thing changes the low listening level dynamics.

How loud - like damage your hearing level or just more than simply using it for background music?

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Like 85db not 75db. Or even 82 compared to 75. Just that “this is somewhat louder than i would normally listen to it”

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Thats not too bad, I’m not a loud listener either though and I would prefer to keep things under 85 (I need to get a decibel meter as Im really just guessing my volume aint that high).

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I use my IHA-6 on high gain/high current mode at about 11’oclock, and my RME Adi at -22 to -26db. I get great Dynamics from this setup compared to what I got on the susvara. I no longer have the susvara, but my biggest gripe about them was that the bass kicks sounded much more soft than they did on my LCDs. Even at lower volumes the punches come through with detail and authority on the LCD-5. Compared to the ZMF verite, the higher pitched percussive sounds aren’t as dynamic, but they have a better tonal quality. The lower end dynamics are where the LCD-5 beat any headphone I’ve had.