Audeze LCD-24 over-ear planar magnetic Headphones

Audeze LCD-24 Open back Planar Headphone. MSRP $3500

LCD24 Specifications

  • Style: Over-ear, open-back
  • Transducer type: Planar magnetic
  • Magnetic structure: Proprietary magnet array
  • Phase management: FAZOR
  • Magnet type: Neodymium N50
  • Diaphragm type: Nano-scale Uniforce™
  • Transducer size: 106 mm
  • Max power handling: 5W RMS
  • Max SPL: >130dB
  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 50kHz
  • THD: <0.1% @ 100dB
  • Impedance: 15 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
  • Min power requirement: >100mW
  • Recommended power: >250mW

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These look interesting as they’re a blend of the LCD-2 and their Flagship LCD-4. Curious as to how they’ll sound. Not listed on Audeze’s official website as of the time of this post.


Interesting comparison to the Stax 009.

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Yeah, I was thinking the same. :thinking:

First I’ve heard of these…interesting, @Torq, @taronlissimore, @andrew…any thoughts?

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They’re a curious proposition to me.

The marketing copy suggests that removing magnets (which reduces the efficiency and power of the motor/driver) is a sonic improvement. Over what? The LCD-4? The LCD-2?

(It took the LCD-4 to unseat the LCD-2 for me in Audeze’s line-up.)

No idea what to make of them.

Of course, that’s always hard without actually hearing them! :wink:

At $3,500 they’re up against the $2,600 Rosson RAD-0 … which is dangerously close to the LCD-4 as it is (and the RAD-0 is perhaps better balanced even then) and, of course, the LCD-4 is just a little further up the price-ladder.

Still wondering what the goal here is.


I was thinking the same…I’m guessing the lighter factor while striking a balance between the LCD-2/4?

But the price point throws it out of whack for me as well…too many other options below that price point that are exceptional…specifically like you say the Rad-0…which I could technically make purple :wink:


I think a purple Rad-0 should be at the top of your wishlist.


That is glorious!!

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I saw rumblings of the LCD-24 a couple months ago and then pretty much nothing since then. I know the Las Vegas Audio Boutique store had one over the weekend but in terms of actual thoughts on it I don’t have a whole lot right now.

Audeze hasn’t officially given any information to any of their dealers on it so can’t speak to release dates or anything. I would have to agree with @Torq that the positioning of it is a little weird.


I can totally see you visiting Rosson/Alex in person to do your custom build.

And the commentary will be “Yes, yes, but MORE purple! MUCH MORE PURPLE!!”

Can’t really argue with that, either. I like it too.

Hell, I bought the TH-X00 in Purpleheart mostly because of the color (they’re a lot of fun to listen to too … And then proceeded to convert them for balanced operation and even extended the purple color-scheme to the connectors:


only thing preventing the sale of the Purpleheart X00 is the color lol…we’ll see how long that last =)

Fostex need to do the TH900 Mk2 in Purple, with the full Urushi finish/silver foil, etc. I’d buy a set just to look at (nearly kept the Emerald Green for that reason).

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Oh man! that would be amazing!!! I would probably have to do the same!

The Sapphire Blue are gorgeous. :heart_eyes:



So far, all of the TH900 Mk II and TH909’s are super-pretty.

Not purple though!

Even having literally just sold my TH900 Mk II (Emerald Green), I’d be on board for a properly-purple™ set regardless of how wonky their tonality actually is.


I almost bought the blues just for their color! :laughing:

I do regret not buying them now. If you can find them, it’s usually on the secondary market at a hefty markup. Supposedly the tuning was different on the 900 mk2 SB’s. I don’t know about the 909 SB’s. But I do know that urushi lacquer is gorgeous. I think that it’s my favorite finish on any headphone. I’m not a purple fan per se, but that urushi finish would probably look good in any color.

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Classic Chappelle.