Audeze LCD-5 - Official Thread

These are all dynamic driver headphones. A planar such as the LCD-5 would likely diversify your collection.


I do know this is a different technology - but was wondering if it’d yield a different sound. The article you linked to was very helpful, thanks!

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You bet. Even if the sound signatures were perceived or asserted to be equivalent by someone on the Internet, I believe the planar vs dynamic difference would yield a different enough sonic presentation.

I’ve yet to hear the 5. I am not aware of any impressions offering that the 5’s sonics mimic any of your headphones. Currawong mentioned the HD 650.

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I’m gonna take a shot on these. Only one way to really find out. Thx again!

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That’s the spirit. There seems to be limited risk here based on favorable reviews and the return policy. You also have tube and solid state amps that should allow you to dial in an optimal pairing for a relatively low 14 ohm impedance headphone. I hope it works out or is an otherwise worthwhile exploration!


Hey, @Sturosen great collection of gear! I believe the LCD5 is different sounding than all of the headphones in your current lineup. I wouldn’t think about it necessarily as providing marginal improvements (While it will in some areas) over your other flagships but just different. I think it probably has similar detail retrieval and performance when compared to Utopia, but I prefer the FR of the LCD over Utopia. HD800S is nothing like it and still has one of my favorite sound stages of any headphone (but is so bass shy), LCD-5 and the Chord TT2 sound very good to me, I have that combo sometimes I play with the filters for certain tracks. ZMF Stuff are their own beautiful animals and completely different. What I think is cool is you don’t have a Planar in your collection so this could be a great one to at least try. Can you visit a local dealer to give them a listen first? Also, the LCD-5 does sound good off tubes, the tube amplifier just needs to output the proper amount of current for this to happen. There are several tube amplifiers that will provide this and others that will not, so ultimately one of the more important factors besides sound synergy with the LCD5 is current delivery to fully flesh out their sound.


Wow – thank you, this is super helpful. It was the fact that the LCD-5 is a planar that got my attention. I just ordered a pair and can’t wait to audition them. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to a store to hear them, so this will be the next best thing. Everything I have heard tells me I’m not simply buying a duplicate of something I already have.

Really appreciate the time and detail in your reply!


Do you listen to the LCD-5 with EQ or without?

I’ve been trying to decide between the Violectric HPA V550, and the Ferrum Oor + Hypsos. I’m leaning toward the latter as both sound like excellent contenders, and if no one has any rationale as to why the V550 would be the superior choice then I am going to pull the trigger on the Oor + Hypsos very very soon.

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I have the V550–absolutely excellent. Tons of power, great sound with my ZMFs, HD800, and Grado GH2. (No planers except a Zach-modded Fostex)
V550 has both four-pin balanced and 2 1/4 SEs. A/B’ing is a dream. Back side has tons of connection options.
Go for it! IMHO of course.


Thank you very much! This was my first preference but the excitement around the oor+hypsos does have me curious.

I wonder if anyone in the community has had some hands on time with both amps, and has had a chance to form thoughts on a comparison. :thinking:

how does the LCD-5 compare to the he6 se v2? :smiley:

The biggest thing that sticks out soundwise is that the midrange on the LCD-5 is much more forward, very reminiscent of the Clears which I love and previously owned. Intimate presentation. Doesn’t sound as thick as the LCD-2F to my memory.

The mids on the HE6se v2 sound much flatter. It still has that Audeze house sound where the treble isn’t sharp (excluding the -X and -XC), but with actual upper mids. Can’t complain at all about the resolution.

The bass is better on the LCD-5 - while the extension was good on the HE6se v2, it didn’t have enough oomph for me so I needed to EQ the lower regions. Also, bass texture is much more articulate on the LCD-5. Trying to avoid as many weird audiophile terms, but it is what it is haha. I found that sometimes the treble could be a bit sharp on the HE6se v2. The LCD-5 has a much more refined sound imo. The HE6se v2 sounded a bit rough around the edges at times, but still amazing headphones.

Besides the sound, the build quality doesn’t even compare but that shouldn’t be a surprise haha. Oh and the biggest thing. Comfort + weight is a huge improvement from the older LCDs, lighter than the HE6se v2 even with the CF Audeze headband.



This still your EQ setup for the LCD5 Andrew?

Should have my set in a few days.


Did you find this more the case after you modded them? Feels that way to me.

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I did use Resolve EQ since I owned my set but decided to do my own.

Please try it see what you think.

I do mainly listen to EDM I must confess. (Bass can be adjusted to taste)

Thoughts would be appreciated.

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I think I ended up taking a few dB down in the treble, and got rid of the narrow Q filter.

It’s currently on its way to Chrono right now though for review, so I’m sure he’ll have another profile to try.

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Yeah this looks about right to me as well. I think as long as it’s within that ballpark it’ll reveal all the goodness of this headphone.


The treble in your original EQ is what made me want to start my own EQ.

Treble details I have never heard before was piercing my earholes. :sweat_smile:

Be very interested to see Chrono’s EQ. He normally does as little adjustments as possible that I like.

Not like my EQ above :sweat_smile:

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(Gave same report in “What’s in the Box?” but wanted to close the loop for this group.)

Just arrived, so these are VERY initial impressions after about an hour. But maybe, just maybe, this may be the best all-around headphones I’ve heard (and for context, my collection is VC, Aeolus, HD800S and Utopias).

Crystalline detail - I thought the Focals were super-resolving but there’s a depth and three-dimensionality to each instrument that’s striking. Nice wide soundstage - I think that may be an aural byproduct of the space provided to each separate instrument - and I thought the HD800S had that covered.

I suppose there’s a lack of warmth as compared to the ZMFs - with a bad recording, the LCD-5s are like shining a super-bright fluorescent light - detail can spill over into an unforgiving harshness. But I think that’s what I’ve experienced with more poorly-produced or -mixed recordings.

Bass right out of the box is more than sufficient for me - maybe the Focals have more slam but these have real presence.

I find on my A&S Kenzie tube amp I need to pump up the volume more than on the other headphones - to 3:00 or so rather than 12:00 - 1:00. As a result, these pick up a little more on a noise floor, but that doesn’t interfere once the music starts.

So I guess I’m saying that individual alternatives may be better at one thing or another, but the overall presentation of the LCD-5s really presses my “oh wow” button. And when it comes to detail (which matters a lot to me), these are the best headphones I’ve heard.

I really want to spend time comparing each headphone’s different take, but any worries I had that the Audezes would simply provide incremental and non-differentiating improvements (and I definitely worried) are in my rear-view mirror.

More to come - I hope this amateur’s impressions are helpful. And thanks to everyone who nudged me into giving these a try - very, very much appreciated!