Audeze LCD-X Open-Back Planar Headphone - Official Thread

Any info on LCD-2 serials/dates?

I heard from support that the 2F got the new pads (the whole full sized LCD line did), starting with serial number 5430238

Ok, mine has 5430262 so new pads I guess :ok_hand:

Based on what people are saying, you’d know if your pads were different because they are no longer memory foam. This thread has a lot of good information on the pad differences.

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Well this is my first LCD, so I was guessing it. I’ll check the thread you linked. Thx.

For anyone wanting the measurements and EQ in one spot, I figured I’d post it all here.

I’m currently working on a review of both the 2021 LCD-X and XC, but here are the results for now:

The bass response is actually not as low as that, it seems to be some interaction with the ear and cheek sim as mentioned earlier. Here’s the on-head bass response:

So it still dips down a bit at 30hz.

Here are two EQ presets for the LCD-X:

V1: more fine-grained

V2: fewer filters

I’m curious which one you guys like better.


Send me a new LCD-X and I’d be happy to tell you! :joy:

Seriously though, thanks for creating the EQ profiles and for all that you do.