Audeze LCD-X Open-Back Planar Headphone - Official Thread

Really love the fine grained one.

However, looks like my FR graph looks a bit different from most.

I really like it, but am looking to make mine a bit bassier (not sure if that dip on the low end is typical or not). Would anyone be able to suggest where I should add a bass shelf (or where to put a peak) to get overall the same sound, just with more powerful bass to really make tracks fun?

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Also forgot to post my FR graph in my previous post - whoops!


Try this setting in your PEQ: Type Low shelf filter with Q as slope, Gain +6db, Q 0.5
This will take you from boring and flat ‘audiophile’ to fun.

Thanks, but at what Hz should i put it at?

Try somewhere between 100 and 120. That should improve things without bleeding into the midrange.

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Oops forgot that part. For me I do 180-200hz

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