Audeze LCD-XC over-ear planar magnetic Headphones - Official Thread

I noticed in an online store that there’s two variants of the maple cupped lcd xc, 1 comes with manufacture code 100-XC-1015-00, and the other 100-XC-1015-01 (the same with the carbon fibre cupped ones where one is 100-XC-1017-00 and the other 100-XC-1017-01). I checked even the LCD X (open) has one with 100-LX-1015-01 and another with 100-LX-1015-00. All the ones that ends with 01 is marked as new.

Which LCD XC was reviewed that gave this excellent impression?


@Resolve, are yours the six fazor or eight fazor version? From what I’ve read, the six are the newest and lighter than the eight.

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Hey @Resolve, what’s your latest tuning / EQ for the LCD XC? Has it changed much since you reviewed it originally?

Yeah for the LCD-XC carbon. I’ll post it eventually when I get the chance.


For those wondering:

Measurement after EQ


Could be, I haven’t taken the cup off.

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Hi @Resolve have you got the EQ for the latest LCD-X 2020/2021 revision
I have purchased these and cant find a good EQ to use

I’ll post that in the LCD-X thread eventually

@callmevil and @Resolve - I was curious as well, so I e-mailed Audeze customer service. Here’s what they said about LCD-XC and LCD-X:

"Regarding the recent changes to the LCD-X, we have made some very recent adjustments to their tuning, but we haven’t officially announced these changes yet, so I have limited information to share about it at this time. We should have an official announcement of those changes some time in April, but any units produced after the following dates and serial numbers should have the changes already in place:

11/23/20 LCD-X Leather-Free 7527615
11/9/20 LCD-XC Leather 8523700
11/23/20 LCD-X Leather 7527600
11/23/20 LCD-XC Leather-Free 8523710"


Yup, that sounds right.

Oh, interesting. Now Im sad i didnt test. Looks like I had 1 of all 3 LCD-X tunings in house at the same time just last week. i assumed the two post 2016 would be the same so I sold off the old headband one

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Interesting… i wonder if these physical tunings would change how their reveal plugin’s per headphone model preset eq settings. Since users can’t select which LCD revision they own when using the plugin, i guess owners of older models should refrain from updating their reveal… sigh


@Resolve, last question - so which tuning version do you have? The newest version?

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Fellas. Just a litttle side note. Try listening to Depeche Mode’s “Violator”
Album with the LCD XC’s. Get the original album recording and not the 2006 remaster. Crank it!
Also the last track on that Violator album “Clean” is a fantastic test track for mid bass and extension. It is an incredible experience and I hope you all love it as much as I do. :slight_smile:


Got mine in today. Definitely a bit of a surprise!

Will post impressions in a couple of days. These definitely need some intense listening sessions to understand. They are quite a bit different than other headphones I have heard.

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And I forgot to ask: what are people’s thoughts on burn-in on the XC?

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None. Burn in is already done at Audeze’s lab, however brain burn in that entirely depends on you. My feeling is that once you are used to the XC’s tuning they’re heavenly with well pronounced bass. Great slam. Something planar magnetic headphones are so great at. :slight_smile:


A huge congratulations. Welcome to the family. Can’t wait to hear your feelings. I have no issue with them for their price point. I think you get great value.

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Thus far, I am not really a believer in burn-in that isn’t brain based. I simply haven’t experienced it yet. But I am also not one of those people that denies something because I haven’t seen it.

I did ask for a reason. I don’t want to call them harsh yet, as I have listened for all of 40 minutes. But compared to what I am used to, its a good description. I will give them a ton of brain burn-in time.

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How’s your set up? What kind of audio chain you have going?