Audeze LCDi4 open-back planar magnetic in-ear Headphone - Official Thread

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Thank you! I like it here :slight_smile:

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I’m not familiar with Audeze but I use the Dragonfly Black with the USB adapter and my iPhone. I find it to be a good combination with a number of different headphones and IEMs but I have tried any planar type devices with it. I do like the portability though. It’s an easy EDC to take on the road or to the office.

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Does anyone know of a cipher cable with usb c for android phones?

There isn’t one, unfortunately… but there’s a way to get the normal one to work on Android. You have to buy this specific adapter and it will work:

It’s the only way that’s known to work for Android.

I have that combo but don’t use it much because my music library is on my zx300 and I can’t really be bothered to switch cables that often. That being said, it works great and even the buttons on the cipher cable seem to function just fine.

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for me Audeze’s best product is not the LCD4, but the LCDi4 !

Let me share the best tip I ever saw for the LCDi4.

Spinfit tips are articulated, allow a deeper insertion (and help for the more treble).
Officially the tips fitting the LCDi4 according to diameter size are the CP155.
And now the golden tip, something which was found out by Nomax and which he shared on a German forum and also on youtube,
as far as I know, all people who tried it (incl. me) were a bit skeptic yet loved the results:

= instead of using the CP155, going for the (diameter-wise) undersized CP145. Fitting them onto the LCDi4 is thus not easy, you have to try usually more than a dozen times before succeeding, but in the end after many trials, one succeeds. The result = even much deeper insertion, and much more sonic improvements, so many thanks to Nomax for finding this out and sharing it.

Here is my wearable setting for getting the most out of the LCDi4 (but is less relaxing due to the increased resolution and treble, but more high-end):
SP1000 balanced out --> EffectAudio Cleopatra (silver) --> LCDi4 --> CP145 (not 155).


Audeze recently announced these. At less than half the price, and a new addition to their “i” line, it may be a good alternative to the i4’s (though the i4 remain as the their flagship in-ear).


What’s everyone using to EQ on their pc/desktop?

The Audeze Reveal .vst plugin works with Equalizer APO. Here’s some step by step instruction I wrote up a while back:


Here is @Precogvision review for the LCD i4


Any idea when and if @Resolve will review the i4 with Reveal vs Equalizer APO?

Probably not with the Euclid coming out.

The LCDi4 doesn’t seem to get enough love here or anywhere, actually. I have some great over-ears cans but it was the LCDi4 that really got me moving towards summit-fi. I’ve had it for over 2 years now and I still marvel at its sound every time I go out on my daily nature hikes. It’s very open sounding with an expansive soundstage and actually reminds me more of the HD800 S than the LCD-4 I have. Just beautiful all around sound and great for virtually any style but I think it excels with classical and that’s what I listen to the most on the trails and in bed before retiring for the night.


I totally agree. Especially with the comparison to the HD800S. I love the LCDi4 exactly because I was looking for a portable HD800S. I would just say that the bass is definitely better (more accurate, deeper, cleaner, faster, more impactful) on the LCDi4. Mids and treble are a little better on the HD800S. The soundstage is closer than I ever thought possible. Maybe even more accurate or realistic on the LCDi4? HD800S still has it on precise imaging though. I would say overall detail on the LCDi4 is a touch better only because the bass reproduction paints a better picture. You would have to Taser me to make me choose which one I prefer. I love them both, in part because I embrace EQ. To me (Purists plug your ears) they both need EQ, but for different reasons. After EQ both are world beaters.


I’ve had the HD800S for 5 years now and I totally agree with your assessments. There is more of that refreshing “sheen” on the mids and treble with the HD800S but the LCDi4’s bass is a good deal better and gives it a more balanced and full sound. Agreed on the soundstage as well. At first I could not believe the staging was so good on an in-ears and I also own the JH Audio Layla custom IEM and have owned some other pretty nice or decent ones from the likes of Shure (SE-846), RSA planar and Etymonic in the past.

I have TOTL over-ears like the LCD-4 and RAAL SR1a with the AB-1266 TC coming very soon but if someone put a gun to my head and said I can only keep one, it’d be the LCDi4 since I can take world class sound with me anywhere and I wouldn’t be tethered to expensive and bulky DACs and amps. Fortunately, no one is going to put a gun to my head and I can enjoy different great headphones for different occasions! :smiley:


Months ago I got a used iSINE20 with Cipher cable, and shortly after sprung for the LCDi3 when there was an open box opportunity at It’s my favorite IEM, and I really like the clip and fit. It never bothers me with annoying insertion problems into ancient hairy dwarf ears.

So I know I like the form factor and I’m a believer in single driver. I’ve looked at the LCDi4 and wondered - is it worth the money to upgrade from the LCDi3? How much better can it be? As a guideline, my wine tasting expertise tops out at about $40 per bottle. I’m better with Cognac and Single-malt, able to appreciate drink in the $150 per bottle range. But those examples are LCDi3 level tipplers. I fear I would not appreciate the top of the line.

But it doesn’t stop me from wondering. All thoughts appreciated. Oh, the Cognac is Tesseron Lot 76. I’ve been tempted by Lot 53…


I haven’t tried the LCDi3 so I can’t say but my guess is that you are probably fine with it. I’m curious myself but it’s really hard to try out all these different headphones that come up. I can say that I’m very happy listening to the LCDi4 even after my sessions with the SR1a and the LCD-4 (and I’m sure the 1266 TC as well when I finally get it).

It’s the clarity, detail, stage, imaging and a surprisingly big and punchy bass that stands out on the LCDi4. Overall, I prefer it over the HD800S so that gives you an idea. But my rough guess is that the LCDi3 can reach 90% of what the LCDi4 does. It’s hard to put numbers on things like this as there are so many different factors that are not really measurable.

Not much of a wine or Cognac or Single-malt drinker and I’m certainly no connoisseur although I’ll have a few Stellas or Johnnie Walker Blue Scotch every now and then. :wink:

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One of the things I love about my LCD i4 is there is no headband and almost no weight.
I just can’t stand headphones. So bulky and inconvenient to use. I am glad these exist so I can get something as close to open back without the pressure on my head.


I find that the LCD-i4 pairs very well with the DX300. Adds more texture in the midbass/lower mids, I think. And separation/imaging feel more pronounced on either iteration of the amp11 module. This is my endgame headphone.

Oh, and the LCD-i3 felt like a notable step down from the i4 in resolution and more akin to the iSine 10 in that regard.

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I recently decided to explore what could be outside of the i4 and now have an LCD 5 on order. Looking forward to discovering how they sound from the WA7 3rd gen I have coming with both the i4 and LCD5. Currently using i4 with Fiio M15 and sounds fantastic.