Audeze - Official Thread

Maybe we’ll find out what Maxwell is tomorrow too.


CRBN - cuz after paying for them, you can’t afford to buy vowels… (sorry, monday morning bad humor )


Well, I ordered my set of CRBN

Very interested to see how these compare to the SR-007 MK2 (2.9) and SR-009S.


Looking forward to reading your impressions/comparison.


Only 300g. Consider me far more interested than I was. Currious how these do timbre. Thats been my main issue with every est I’ve tried so far tbh


This was leaked early yesterday, then taken down, now it’s back up.

EDIT: Ah, didn’t see that there’s now a dedicated thread for this:


My lcd-r arrived yesterday, so here are my first impressions.

First look on the headphone:
what a beauty, even my girlfriend loves it. And the glossy finish looks super nice.

Comfort: quite good, it’s my first audeze headphone and the weight doesn’t bother me at all. Little clamp force on the sides. Ears fit good in the cups.

Accessoires: thought the jotunheim is bigger, was good surprised how small it is. Volume knob looks cheap, but the housing is nice. They should have made it in the same colour. Cable is ok, but I also like sleeved cables more.

Sound: tidal->phone->ifi signature (+xbass) ->jotunheim

Super open, wide and well separating sound

Heights: super good, for me reference (of headphones I own: he1000se, empyrean, HE6 4screw mod). Details come really to shine and are quite present (e.g. Yosi Horikawa - Letter). Most important without bothering heights

Mids: really nice, but nothing super above other high end headphones

Bass: because I’m a basshead I use the xbass function on my ifi signature, and also eqed more bass via UAPP PEQ.
This headphone can do bass quite good (when eqed) , but it’s definitely mixed on the more neutral level. It can punchif you want (e.g. Alef - Sol) but you need to force it to it,slam is OK, but not super
So not the daily driver for bassheads. And the bassshelf on the jotunheim can’t compete with ifi xbass, xbass is a different league

Closest comparison for me is my he1000se (never heard susvara). Lcd-r is more detailed, better separated and not so sharp in the heights. Bass response also reminds me of it. But comfort and feel is better on the hifiman.

Just my personal first impressions. Everybody hears different ![:wink:

Best regards from germany


Pretty well align with my thoughts. I gotta say, I’m realy happy they managed a smoother trebble than a lot of hifiman stuff has. The he1kse made my ears ring hard core

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One last one… they look better than my phone can take a picture tho… sound good too. :wink:


I want that. I hope they sell that again.

I’m guessing they’ll use a similar driver in the future. Maybe worth checking in with Audeze in a week or two as the people who may have only bought them to “demo” then return in the 30 day window send them back.


Anyoje have recommendations for a decent tube buffer/preamp with roughly the footprint of the jot? Currious to try these on tubes but I do want a cleaner tube sound over gooey

If you want the same footprint as the Jot, the Lyr3 could be a good move for tube sound with the pre out of the back if you want the headphone out. Othewise I hear lots of great things from the Saga+ and that is also same footprint as the Jot and is only a pre.

Saga+ is probably better, but its only a pre so know what you are getting into with that.


Hm… I guess I need to decide if I want a HP out. Only cans I own currently besides LCD-R is hd800s but ima probabaly sell those anyways and I doubt anything I get that is regularly sub 1k will compete with my phantasy ii anyways. Hmm…

I use the Feliks Echo as a preamp for the Jot-A. I feel like it does a better job making the making vocals and instruments stand out.


As a Jot-R owner for my Raal SR1-a I can highly recommend using a Freya Plus as a preamplifier before the Jot-A. With the Jot-R I run the volume control up until I hear noise with no input and then use the Freya Plus to control the volume. (FWIW, my Jot-R introduces no noise at 100% volume) You’ll have to try it on the Jot-A and report back to us. The Freya Plus also gives the advantage of having a remote control and allows the use of balanced inputs and outputs. It made a positive improvement to the SR1-A/Jot-R combination.


Does it do this with no source connected?

Or is the noise actually coming from the source and the amplification is just bringing it above the ambient noise floor (rather than being from the amplifier itself, as I got NO noise from the Jotunheim R with no input).

Edit: My bad, your post says with no input.

So, now it’s just a question of whether that’s nothing connected vs. nothing playing.

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Initially I had tried it with nothing playing but since you asked, I tried it with nothing connected to the Jot-R. In either case, there is no discernible noise listening with my SR1a with the Jot-R volume control at 100%.


Interested to see how it is