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Right there with you on this. I am curious to see what someone so passionate about the 6XX will accomplish! I’m personally more into the 600, as I feel that the 6XX has a little bass bloat, but if he comes up with something similar but more refined as well as infinitely mod-able, sign me up!


I pre-ordered the Drop + Grell OAE1. Between that and the DMS Project Omega, it’s gonna be like Christmas in July!


Hoping for HD800S soundstage, but at $350 USDs, from that one.


Just found out

The OAE1 Signature are collectors items and limited to
1,000 units in total. All Signature headphones are individually measured before leaving the factory and the measurements are included inside the package. The Signature version also comes with two high quality cables, a carrying case, and as the name says—the headphones have Axel’s signature on them.

So if any of those extra features of the Signature Edition are important to you, you might want to pre-order soon. Personally I’m pretty stoked to get the individual measurements, just like with the DMS Project Omega.


You’re a bad influence Mr. Tool!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Went ahead and ordered the Grells after reading above. It will be my first new headphone in 2 years so that’s exciting and I’m waaay overdue.:grin: I love the 800s so…:crossed_fingers:


The FR is a bit wonky but it does have a bass shelf. My plan is to use EQ pretty quickly after it arrives. In my experience, getting my desired level of bass out of a headphone is difficult if there is not a bass shelf already. I’m fairly confident I can solve the cliff at 6khz with EQ and that eventually there will be an oratory1990 (and Resolve?) preset I can try too.

At that point it will be interesting to compare it to my HD800S. That is a tall order though. Like the DMS Project Omega, I’m not expecting it to replace anything in my existing collection.

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I confess I also ordered one, with some trepidation as well regarding the frequency response! I hope they take well to EQing…

Congrats to you both, I hope we find them interesting.

And I’m surprised Bill @Audiophool it’s your first new one in several years… But your setup is really nice, so you must be happy with it! :smile:

I’ve been very please with mine as well at this point, though I added a new ZMF Eikon with the Auteur Classic driver over the holidays. It’s my first high end closed back, and it’s amazing! Tonally really pleasing, and digs deeper in the bass than anything I’ve heard.


Mods I think the Drop + Grell OAE1 headphone deserves a dedicated topic but I do not have the required permission


done per your request! :smile:

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