Auris Audio HA2-SE Tube Headphone Amplifier

Price: 1800 or best offer
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Auris Audio HA2-SE tube headphone amplifier in excellent condition. I will also include an extra set of tubes. Original box and all accessories included.

Also selling ZMF Aeolus headphones with an amazing Forza Noir Hybrid HPC cable that pairs perfectly with this amp.

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I know you sold these, but Iā€™m thinking of buying the Forza Noir Hybrid for my ZMF Auteur and would appreciate anything you could tell me about them. Thanks.

I sent you a PM. My Forza Noir Hybrid is still available.

Sorry. I need 6 feet in length and believe yours is shorter, correct?

Mine is 5 ft long. Sure you need the extra foot?

Is it 1/4 inch jack or some other termination?

The cable is terminated with a 4 pin XLR but I have a 1/4ā€ Sennheiser adapter I can include with it.

Thanks, but not interested.

Send PM for the cable