Auris Euterpe - US Tour Kick Off & Ongoing Impressions

Hey everyone, I’ve seen a few of your asking and inquiring about the Auris Euterpe the company’s newest all in one Dac/Amp and I’m excited to announce I will be collaborating with them to do a US Tour.

Seeing as a lot of your here are already well established and respected I simply ask that you please share where your located

  • City & State

Your history in the hobby and community here along with links to previous reviews that you have done!

I’ll also ask we post our impressions both here and among other communities such as Head-Fi and Reddit.

To start things off though let me share my initial impressions of the unit!

Just looking at this product I really love just the forthought behind it’s design and how beautifully they executed it. While it’s not seen this unit does feature it’s own Linear Power Supply, analog input and output allowing it to function as a PreAmp and connect to other digital sources plus it’s own ESS Sabre x/Mos digital USB input.

Speaking of, the USB Input works seamlessly. All I did was just plug my M2S with an OTG Cable and that was it! Eevn the Windows based Surface model they had at the table worked just as easily. As some one whose been running COAX exclucively for a few years now I’m always thrilled by full 24/192 support without 3rd party drivers!

In terms of sound, I was impressed at the clarity and control Euterpe presented. The Aeon C certianly benefits from some power. Not as difficult as something like an HE560 but given it’s low efficeny it isn’t always the easiest load to drive well, and I was very suprised by how well Euterpe did!

So that said, let me know if your interested and feel free to share your impressions of the unit and ask what ever questions you have! We will be accepting applicants until May 31st 2019 and this is again limited to United States Members only please.

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This looks beautiful!

I’d love to get in on this tour but unfortunately I live in Canada (Vancouver). I suspect that may be an issue, but if it’s not, I’m game to do a review.

I’m a fan of the HA2 SE, so I’d be curious how this does.

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Well it’s North America, I would say if your down to cover your shipping costs I don’t see why there would be an issue!

An yes it really is!!! I’ve been told the circuit here takes a lot from the HA 2 SE

I must be missing something:) How much and where can I get one??

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I believe it’s around $1700 and their website should have purchase links