Cables - 3rd Party/Upgrades & Recommendations

Oh sorry, Ursine Audio is the one who ran with the money. BestInTheVerse ended up refunding eventually.

Yeah, seems hard game to make much money in.

Yeah, I mean I paid $300 (incl overseas shipping) for my custom modular cable system, which was around 8 hours of work for him. Add the cost of materials and the time he took to answer my emails (essays upon essays) among other expenses. Not a lot of money left for him in the end, for a full days work.


Not sure if this is who you are referring to, but Capistrano Cables on Etsy has a system like this. I haven’t owned a cable from them but I’ve talked to people who have done business with him and really like his work.

Also, Hart will put the interconnect at the Y-split as well if that is what you want. Just select the 18" split option then you can get a 4ft interconnect (or he can make them longer if you request.)

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Has anyone ordered anything from Norne Audio recently? I was looking at an item and it says “in stock” but I know Norne has been iffy with wait times in the past and wasnt sure what in stock means for them: already built or materials are available but still needs to be put together?

Im tilting between Norne or Forza. Forza seems to have actual built cables in stock as they state item numbers and they change depending on how you option them.



can confirm Forza is very good. I haven’t dealt with Norne personally but I do understand them to have a good reputation.


I ordered some parts from about six months ago - delivery was fast. Can’t comment on anything more recent.



Not sure where Im going yet re pretty cables but those are the two finalists, so to speak.

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From HEDD:


Ok, so xlr pin 3 = +, 1 = -

That is indeed backward from ZMF / Audeze 3 = -, 1 = +

I wonder why they didn’t use the standard pin out. If course, it’s not a standard really.

Either way, it sucks for Hedd and their customers. Knowing the levels of OCD that takes place in this hobby, enthusiasts aren’t going to like having to buy yet another cryogenically treated, 110% single crystalline silver wire, anointed in children’s tears, unicorn-wool sleeved headphone cable. Hehehe


I have not actually checked with a multimeter to make sure but I will…


Sure wish all vendors would follow a standard wiring implementation…seems like a cable makers conspiracy…

Well its only $$$$$ and ya cant take it with ya!

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Just got a call from Corpse cables in Montanna…questioned them about the dilemma with the wiring differences between the HEDDs mini xlr convention and others like LCD…they spoke to HEDD in Germany and they indicated this is not an exact science and it should work both ways and you should be able to use your Audeze cables with the HEDD’s…Corpse has wired them both ways and can not really tell any difference…so there!!

The lowest cost from Corpse is approx $130 mogami type cable 4 ft length and they will wire them up either way…

go figure!


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If you wired a balanced cable like that, even accounting for the fact you have the pin numbering for the 4-pin XLR on the amp end reversed (the proper pin numbers are visible on the connector itself) which would cause your channels to be swapped, and plugged it into a recent Audeze LCD headphone, you would short your amp and probably kill it.

What I would like is a simple wiring diagram on how to properly wire a 4 pin XLR male to the two 4 pin mini-xlr left/right connectors females that matches the HEDD’s.

Thats all…

(This is for the HEDDphone only. ZMF/Audeze is different.)

And wire those pins to these on the miniXLR headphone connectors:

The pin numbers are visible on the miniXLR connectors where the solder pots are located.



Now I can go get some connectors, wire and make a set!!



Ok for less than $10 I can get the mini xlrs and the larger 4 pin xlr male connector…now to find some affordable cable…

Mogami W2893 Miniature Quad Microphone Cable .82 cents a foot!

So I can build a balanced cable for $20!!

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Or if you want to do braided cables… Let me know what you find. DoubleHelix sells some. There is lots on ebay and AliExpress, but i haven’t tried any of that.


Found this as well:

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That’s good cable. I like using it.

I know some people buy mogami 2534 quad cable, and strip the 2 clear wires from the cable, then use that to create braided cables. It means you need to buy 12’ of mogami to make a 6’ headphone cable. You can use the blue sleeved wires and cover it with paracord too, I suppose.

We should probably move this discussion to the cable building thread…

agree…unless its specific to the HEDD in particular…

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You took the words right out of my mouth.

Not quite the way Meatloaf envisions. More like, figuratively.