Cavalli Liquid Platinum + matched pair Amperex A Frames

$650.00 shipped, including fees
Ships to USA UPS
Also includes original EH tubes.
Purchased from Hands at the end of March on SBAF.

At that time it was clearly the best of my amps, including MCTH with lps, Massdrop THX 789 and Crack/Speedball with tweaks. Not to mention the Project Ember and lowly Loxjie P20.

But then the Verites arrived and the Crack won.
Pleased that my sloppy build of a diy amplifier pulled ahead, I went in search of another as I need something for my Clears and Verum 1.

Just purchased a refurb Phonitor e at a nice discount with warranty and it’s a keeper.
The THX AAA 789 is already gone.
The Ember is gone and now the LP must go.
It is a wonderful amp. I really enjoyed it with the Clears, HD650 mod and even the HE4xx became enjoyable but the upgrade bug hit.
And here we are.

Offers welcomed.