Cayin HA-300 Mk2 with all upgraded tubes (Elrog 300B, Linlai Elite & NOS RCA Grey glass 6SN7 and more)

**Price: 6000
**Ships to: Cont US

Hi everyone, putting up for sale my beloved Cayin HA-300 Mk2 amp in black. It was purchased straight from Zach ZMF by me last year (still under warranty) and is in perfect cosmetic and functional condition, pretty much like new. It will come with all the original accessories, manuals, cables, spare fuses and packaging (double boxed, extremely well padded). Additionally, I’ve added the following tubes to it, all very low hours:

  • 2X Elrog ER300Bs, purchased new 11/22: no explanation necessary, these are the best tubes ever for this amp
  • 2X Linlai Elite 6SN7, purchased new 09/22: wanted something better than the stock 6SN7 tubes, these are a very nice bump up in SQ
  • 2X NOS RCA Grey glass 6SN7GT, purchased 12/22: these are sweeter/more musical than the Linlais, so you can swap them out for a different flavor of sound
  • 4X GE 22DE4: these are a clear upgrade over the stock rectifiers
  • Also included are the original TS 6SN7 and RCA 22DE4 tubes

This is one of the most musical and enjoyable amps I’ve tried with my HPs (Susvara, 1266 TC, LCD-5, DCA Expanse) and can both be very intimate sounding when called for or bring the bass if the song has it. I used to have a Woo WA33 and ended up preferring the Cayin to it. Only selling because I want to try even bigger HP amps. So I’d be willing to trade this for either a Riviera AIC-10 or Viva Egoista 845, plus $$ from me of course. Also, not willing to part out the tubes.

The amp with all the extra tubes would cost over $7000. My asking price includes UPS insured shipping and is good for PP F&F, but I’m happy to do G&S if you want to pay the extra fee. I’m open to any reasonable offer.

Thanks for looking, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need additional info, pictures etc.