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How’s the wifi connection on the cayin n6ii? My hiby r6 pro drops quite a bit as a roon end point.

I have no wifi issues with my N6ii, it connects without any problems and it stays connected. I do have severeal wifi hotspots in the house, but never an issue with the N6ii and wifi.


Cool. Thanks for the info. My hiby r6 pro drops too much. I just don’t stream from it. It’s definitely not the wifi tho, because my phone is fine. When I test I get a steady 500ish mbps.

You had the m11 before, right? Was it a considerable upgrade? Which module do you run?

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Correct, I started out with the M11, which is not a bad DAP; but the N6ii is for sure a level or 2 up. I choose it deliberately as I want to be able to stream and it is perfect for that. And offline is no problem, as all streaming services lets you download.

I use the E02 module as it is only 4.4 balanced. This is more detailed, wider soundstage and clearly more power. Only minor drawback is the battery time, it can’t just be put in non-active mode, without draining the battery too quickly. So I turn it off everytime I am done using it.

It also has some quirks, like you use the same usb port for charging and transfering files, but in set-up you have to define which one you use. if it is set for charging, it won’t transfer and vice versa. And my fast charger won’t work with it.
But I really love it and I can only rec it. I have only heard it with the E02, because if you buy directly from Cayin, you can chose which card to get. I mainly use my Thieaudio Oracle with it and that is a perfect match.


Regular or pro? I am trying the m11 Plus shortly but if that falls through i may spring for the n6ii

Regular. I have not heard the Pro.


Does anyone have a problem crossfading songs on Cayin N3 Pro? I can’t make that function work. Any suggestions or advice?

While I did not enjoy any of the time I spent listening to the Cayin Fantasy, there were several points during my review process where I forgot I had EQ on, turned it off, and was stunned at how much worse the Fantasy sounded. Do not buy this IEM.


When it came out, I read 2 positive reviews, one from a major site and one from a minor. Since there has been not much info about this IEM, but those who had heard it said more or less the same: this is NOT a good IEM.
What puzzles me, is how they can go so wrong and at this price point. I would be sad, if I had spent that kind of money on this IEM.
Thanks for sharing.


Hoping for this as a christmas present this year… been saving for quite some time and this is likely the “one”.


Is it a new version or has it been made available in black?

Mk2 showing this weekend and should be available by end of year. Specs and improvements haven’t been released yet.

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I have the HA-300 on my list, so a new version can bump it up on the list.

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Love my HA-300 with the Western Electric 300b and Sylvania Bad Boys! Got the Chord HUGO TT2 for DAC and Audeze LCD-3 for headphones


I just purchased the Cayin HA-6A do you rec it. What replacement tubes would you rec for Hifiman HE6se planars and dynamic

That’s great to hear, I’m waiting for my HA-6A to come.

The best I have heard is the Calyx M, around $500 to $600. The sound can’t be beat. Even with outrageous high cost DAPs. I have a Sony nw-wm1z and the Calyx M beats it on warm sound. I also have and enjoy Cayin n3pro which has tubes. Good luck.

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Assuming that “rec it” means “recommend it” …

Why ask after you’ve already bought it?

But, no, I can’t recommend it. Simply because I haven’t spent anywhere near enough time with one to be making any comments about it … good or bad.

I wouldn’t.

Well, that’s not quite true; for dynamic HiFiMan headphones, I’d probably remove the stock tubes, disconnect the power, and call it good. Can’t speak for others, but I’d be happier that way.

Otherwise, again, I haven’t spent enough time with it to comment on it stock, let alone have gotten into rolling tubes on, much less in the context of a specific headphone.

Why not run it with the stock tubes before worrying about changing them?

I asked for your opinion because I purchased because I thought it would be a quality purchase. However, I’m a novice at this and was hoping to get some expert insight, good or bad. So I can learn. Thank you for your input.

It probably is, I just can’t tell you for sure either way.

The only Cayin gear that I haven’t liked is their “i” series stuff, e.g. the iDAC-6/iHA-6.