Channel imbalance

It is known that many products do present some level of channel imbalance – e.g.: left channel is louder than the right one – and many issues are due a faulty (or cheap) volume/gain pots.


My Liquid Platinum at low volume levels, left channel is typically 1dB lower than the right one. Volume knob was around 10 o’ clock.

How I found this out? A simple A/B against Liquid Spark (and/or my Scarlett 6i6 jack).

Did this bother me after finding out? Yes. You can’t unhear things, right?

Was I happy before finding this out? Yes. :pill:


In my case:

  • Set the volume to noon position;
  • Control digital volume through PC (or physical monitor knob in the Scarlett interface).


  1. What is the imbalance dB threshold for a given product to be considered faulty? E.g.: 1dB, 2dB, or higher?

  2. If this happened to you, would you return this product*?

* I’ll most likely keeping this amp and crank the volume up when listening. After all, it is a hybrid tube amp. At moderate listening levels I’ll just reach the Liquid Spark.

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