Chord Hugo 2

Sold! $1700 USD

This Hugo 2 comes with the original box and also includes a dual BNC cable ($200+ dollars) that will allow you to connect the Hugo 2 to an M Scaler if you wish.

There is a pen-point sized nick in the top aluminum chassis that was on the unit when I purchased it used. Otherwise it looks and performs as new.

Selling because I picked up the Hugo TT2 and M Scaler combo. I don’t have a use of this awesome DAC/Amp any longer.

Ships to US.


Hey there. This is a great price for an amazing product for anyone looking.

I’ve been on the fence also for upgrading from the Hugo 2 → TT2. I’d love hear your impressions on wether you feel it was justified.


Bumping this-- Still for sale if anyone’s interested.


Are you creating cash flow to get the DCA STEALTH ?

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Or maybe the LCD 5 ?

Hope so. Your channel and reviews are a thing of beauty. :wink:

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Honestly-- just cleaning out the gear that is sitting idle. I have more to list. That Chord has been used more often as a prop for b-roll than a DAC, which is a shame because it puts most desktop DACs to shame.


I have the chord qutest, so I can attest to the grandness of the Hugo 2.
Terrific DAC. Overall you have some of the greatest equipment headphone HIFI has to offer.

Have you made an effort yet to hear the HOLO SPRING MAY DAC KTE yet? It is their top R2R DAC. Some are saying it beats the chord DAVE paired with HMS!

I’d have to hear it to believe it. Hope one day you get your hands on the KTE. :slight_smile: