CustomArt Fibae 7

I just received a loaner review unit from of the Fibae 7 Blue Anniversary Universal. So far, after a few hours of listening, I am generally liking it. It has a warmer diffuse field tuning, with fast bass attack and quick transients. Maybe a little too quick decay on the bass notes, but it still provides good clean bass energy and warmth. It has an intimate soundstage and good clean detailing. I like the upper-mid range and treble response, as it’s pushing the limits, but controlled enough to not sound bright and sibilant. Doesnt seem to struggle through complex busy sections. Details are solid but I found my Solaris to resolve with just a little bit more clarity, with a bigger soundstage. Solaris doesnt perform as well in busy tracks though, as it becomes more smeared an occasionally shouty, but I prefer the dynamic driver bass more, as it hits with a little more impact and decays more naturally.

I did run a measurement on these too:


Have you been tip rolling with them at all? I’ve only used the Silicon tips with the Fibae 4 at this point and I am liking the sound. I’d be interested to see how it differs from the 7.

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I have done very minimal tip rolling and have been wrapping up a review on a different IEM, but have spent the greater part of today listening to the Fibae 7 using Final Audio E tips. They are a good tip for this since they tend to give a warmer sound. I don’t know if that effect occurs with this IEM since I haven’t tried any others for extended listen yet.

The Fibae 7 is a pretty well done IEM if you are looking for a DF tuning that is slightly warmer. It’s a really good balance and an improvement upon the Ety-like sound. The soundstage is about 0.75 MCMs wide.

  • MCMs is a measurement perfected by the great @MCM

@antdroid’s full review of these is now posted on the main site!


@antdroid I saw that you once again mentioned that in IEMs you like a warm version of diffuse field tuning. If you haven’t already, you should try the DT 1990, which from what I can tell aims for that kind of tuning.