Desktop setup with XLR output

Hello again, everyone! With my headphones stuck at customs because they won’t accept any of the purchase receipts I have emailed them, I have decided to get myself a desktop setup. The only requirements I have for this is that it be under $500, have a 4-pin XLR headphone output, and be from a Chinese company(I really don’t want to deal with international imports again). Thank you!

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Hi there. Could you be more specific about what you desire in a desktop setup? (all-in one, computer sourced, DAC/AMP, etc?) Thanks.

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It doesn’t matter if it is a DAC/amp or a standalone DAC and a standalone amp. No soundcards or any computer-related audio equipment, though. Thank you.

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You might want to look into the Topping line (China): TOPPING DX7 Pro ES9038Pro Bluetooth DAC / Headphone Amp 768kHz DSD1024 Decoder. They are pretty close to your price range and have XLR outputs. I haven’t heard them myself, but perhaps other on this forum might have.


Thank you! I’ll put it on my list of possibilities. I hope you have a great day!

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The SMSL SP200 headphone amp is incredible for the price (about $250-$279 USD).

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Do you also have any DAC recommendations, or would any DAC for ~250USD do the trick?

Do you want to control it from your PC or would you be OK with a standalone player?

Both are fine, as long as I have an option to connect the standalone player to my computer or phone to stream music.


XLR out and I’m DIGGIN mine, USB with Android isn’t too difficult to get running either.

I would love to buy Schiit products but unfortunately every piece of Schiit audio gear on Taobao has its price increased by a large margin.

Ahh when you mentioned Chinnnesse Company [an no imports] I did not put two and two together

The DX7 pro will likely do you well, overall the Topping DACs are pretty clean

Thank you for the recommendation! Did you get the pun? :upside_down_face:

On an unrelated note; I have realized that I can just by 4-pin XLR adaptors and do not need to restrict my audio setup to XLR, thus sadly making this topic unnecessary. Thanks everyone who replied, it was a great help though it did not result in anything. Goodbye!

I would go with FiiO. Excellent line of DAC/Amp’s. I have the
FiiO E17K (E17) Alpen 2 Portable
FiiO i1 Portable DAC and Amplifier
FiiO BTR5-384K/32Bit Native DSD256 Hi-Res CSR8675 Bluetooth5.0 Receiver/USB DAC/DSD…

None of the FiiO equipment uses the XLR connector but they have optimized the 3.5mm port for a balanced feed cable on many of their devices. The E17K will drive my AKG 240 Mk II’s to ruinous volume levels. The BTR5 with my Etymōtic ER3SE, and Shure SE-215 sound better than plugged directly into my iPhone.

Thank you for the advice. I’ve noticed that FiiO has a new desktop DAC/amp lined up for release in fall, which I may get if my patience holds. Have a great day!