DIY custom ear molds for IEM

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I’m looking for advice from anyone who’s successfully created a custom IEM mold using this type of diy ear mold kit

I tried making one following some basic instructions I found on YouTube and in the reviews on Amazon, but it was somewhat of a failure.

I didn’t insert the IEM perfectly straight into my ear canal and so the tips of both IEMs sort of ended up poking out on the side of the mold.

I also believe I failed to keep my mouth sufficiently open during the curating process to make for a 100% perfect seal afterwards with mouth closed.

Sound wise it was also not ideal - bass has become exaggerated, highs are subdued and I’m getting some weird resonances at louder volumes. I’m hoping this is a result of the wonky tip placement and/or not thinking of making venting canals for the two small venting holes on the inside of the IEM during the curating process.

I’ve ordered two new kits hoping I can manage a better insertion of the IEM into the mold, keep my mouth more open during the curating process, and also use thin tape strips to create channels for the venting holes - and that this can redeem the slight issues I’m having with sound quality.

But before I give another go I’d be grateful for any advice or info in case there’s something I haven’t thought of, because if successful, this is one hell of a great value comfort upgrade for IEMs.

I’ve been using these despite the slight issues with the sound because it’s such a pleasure being able to wear my IEMs for many hours at a time without noticing any discomfort at all in my ears. For daily casual use, listening at fairly low volumes, I’ll definitely keep using these even if I can’t improve on the sound, and at this price point I’d recommend trying it in a heart beat to anyone using their IEMs a lot and having comfort issues.

Now, I know there are professional options available like the ADV sound custom molds, but they come in at about 250-300€$ with audiologist and international shipping included for me, so I want to see if I can’t improve on this DIY solution before considering those. Because as I said, even with its current sub optimal sound quality, it’s still good enough that I prefer the comfort they provide over the slight improvement in sound when using regular tips.


Tried this twice, both failures, unfortunately I could not seem to get a deep enough fitting and seal (they fell out).

Ended up getting my ear canals laser scanned (OtoScan). This is much more accurate than injected silicon goop, the pressure from which distorted my ear canals, producing a distorted mold.

Expensive, but worth it to me. Lots of companies accept the 3D STL files for producing CIEMs or custom sleeves.


Thanks for sharing your experience, I appreciate it! Hadn’t heard of the option of otoscanning before - I’ll look that up if I decide to get a CIEM or sleeve professionally made :+1: :pray:

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