Dunu x GizAudio Da Vinci - Measurements & Official Discussion

This is the place to discuss all things to do with the Dunu x GizAudio Da Vinci.

Timmy was kind enough to have one sent over for review. Here’s the video:

Yes… this is my happy face.

Here are the measurements done on the B&K 5128, and for IEMs I’m leaning towards prioritizing this system since we regularly find the bass to be not quite right in 711 measurement results due to acoustic impedance differences. For over-ears, GRAS and 4128 systems are totally fine even though they don’t have a humanlike ear canal.



It’s a solid response overall, especially for the mids. I think the bass is maybe a bit much for my taste, and I wish the treble were a bit more even throughout the mid treble. But this is one of the better tunings at its price point if you’re looking for an IEM with a solid bass boost.

It’s nice to see the trend of companies aiming for population average based tuning targets, and while I wouldn’t say the Da Vinci nails that, being a bit thick in the bass, it comes quite close. IEMs are finally getting good.

Funtack Mod (covering the bass port)

If you find the bass to be too strong, you can cover the bass port on the back with putty - I imagine you could achieve a similar effect with tape, but I didn’t try that yet. This gives it a more neutral presentation, making the mids shine. The only downside is you notice that upper treble peak a bit more.

Impedance curve

Running this from a high output impedance source will meaningfully impact the FR, in a very V-shaped way. I do not recommend doing that.

Harmonic distortion profile, 105dB @1khz

Distortion products should be well below the audible threshold. Elevated third and fifth presence is common among BA driver IEMs.



  • Chonky nozzle, around 6mm across.
  • Shell is on the thicker side, but I find it more comfortable than the Dusk.
  • Cable is really nice, modular design.
  • Tip rolling didn’t change much with this IEM, not nearly as much as it does with the Megafest.
  • Subjective qualities are good, but the increased bass presence makes it come across not as hard hitting for its attack and sense of impact compared to the Dusk Default DSP.

At $300, this is probably the IEM I’d get, but I’d also still recommend the Dusk Default DSP over it, if you can spend a bit more and you know you’ll use it with the DSP cable. If you’d never use that, then the Da Vinci is better than the Dusk IMO.


Hey Andrew! I’m in the market for a new IEM but I’m stuck between the Hype4 and the DaVinci. I was wondering, which one would you recommend based on the fact that I EQ (which I always do)? Like would there be any noticeable difference?

If you EQ it really comes down more to other factors, like fit, insertion style and so on. And that’s a highly personal thing, so it’s difficult to really judge that.

I can see a case for the Hype 4, where all I’d really do is reduce the upper treble. With the Da Vinci I’d make a couple of other adjustments in the mid treble, but maybe you wouldn’t. So it’s hard to say.

That’s exactly what I was thinking in reference to the Hype4. In my mind less EQ needed=less of a headache to deal with lol. Thanks man

I’ve posted my written review of the DaVinci on our site!

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