Eddie current

Interesting. I’m about to receive shipment on the Stratus I ordered this summer. Good to know there’s a potential upgrade for later on … But 4500 would have been above my limit for this kind of purchase. @Polygonhell: How do you like the Amber? I’ve been curious about it, as well as the Aqua La Voce, as under-5k DAC possibilities (or a used PS Audio DirectStream).


I like the Amber 3 a lot, was a big step up in DAC’s for me, it’s real strength is the staging and the very natural sound. The biggest I’ve always had extolling it’s virtues is I haven’t heard a ton of other DAC’s in the price range.
Funnily enough I just bought a Aqua La Voce S3, should be here Thursday, assuming USPS can deliver on time, I’ll let you know what I think.


Cool! I would love to hear your impressions on the two. I know that the Aqua is upgraded via software so that’s a nice aspect. The PS Audio DS DAC also is upgraded with new software and they’re prepping a new bridge card for streaming (with their own improved app) and it can drive an amp directly, so it offers more flexibility (at a 6k retail list, but resale is in the same range as the Amber/La Voce). However, the PS Audio goes the super oversampling route vs. the R2R route. In terms of an office set up, though, I might lean to the La Voce, for its compact style. Anyway, look forward to your thoughts!